Lilium - flying taxi with vertical take-off

Flying taxis can become a reality formodern cities in the next decade. Among the companies close to the project of launching urban air transport, one can single out Lilium from Germany, which has been developing and testing its own aircraft for several years and also has its own production facilities for the production of flying taxis at a plant in Munich. Work is underway on the construction of the second production line, and by 2025 the plant’s capacity will be designed to produce hundreds of flying taxis per year.

Lilium has been under development forseveral years, and the first test flights took place in the spring of 2019. Now the company has shown a video with a vertical take-off of the device and its short flight over the training ground. After a significant number of tests and tests passed, the developers focused on checking the speed capabilities of the aircraft.

As engines in Lilium used 36electric motors that develop power up to 2000 horsepower during vertical take-off. For a normal horizontal flight with 5 passengers, no more than 10% of the maximum power is required. At the same time, operational emissions are zero. During the tests, the plane flew at a speed of about 100 mph, but in the end it is planned to achieve a maximum speed of up to 300 mph.