Lightyear One - sunny liftback with a decent range (9 photos + video)

Dutch startup lightyear with somebelatedly demonstrated a working prototype of an electric vehicle Lightyear One. The novelty was faced with solar panels. Due to this, the stock of its progress according to the WLTP standard is incredible - 725 kilometers.

Each wheel drive leads to a separate motor. True, the power, as well as the capacity of the battery placed in the bottom, is unknown. Clarified only that up to a hundred car accelerates in 10 seconds. They also promised up to 20 thousand "solar", that is, free, kilometers annually.

The serial version will be released in two years for the price of119,000 euros, or approximately 8.5 million rubles at the current exchange rate. The width of the novelty is 1898, the length is 5057, and the height is 1426 millimeters. The trunk is roomy, 780 liters. The aerodynamic coefficient is also not yet announced, but promises to be decent.

Lightyear manufacturing company three years agofounded the former students of the Technical University of Eindhoven. They then worked in Solar Team Eindhoven. This team won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge three times - a competition for prototypes of solar batteries. The guys were incredibly quick to collect investments, prepayments and grants in the amount of 20 million euros. The project partially funded the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 innovation program. Today, Lightyear employs more than 100 people, including former Ferrari and Tesla engineers. Director of the company Lex Höfsloot noted that the car was built from scratch, focusing only on the laws of nature. And in the end they got an incredibly efficient design with solar panels on the roof and hood, which occupy 5 square meters of the surface of the electric vehicle.

You can charge the battery from a household outlet on3.7 kW (35 kilometers per charge hour), charging 22 kW alternating current (209 kilometers per charge hour) or 60 kW direct current DC terminal (570 kilometers per hour). Due to the built-in solar panels per hour, Lightyear One additionally generates enough energy to travel 12 kilometers.

Buyers have already reserved 100 cars fromthe first batch, consisting of 500 copies. The director assures that the high price is due to the high cost of new technologies. Upcoming models should cost less.