Liberty Pioneer - the first serial flying car from Pal-V (12 photos + video)

The company from the Netherlands PAL-V last year alreadyPresented its flying car at the Geneva Motor Show. This year, the manufacturer brought its updated version. Liberty Pioneer has acquired a number of important additions, but the most important thing is that, according to the developers, this is the world's first commercial certified flying car.

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Externally, this is a hybrid autogyro and tricycle(three-wheeled vehicle movement). Transformations into a car or into an autogyro are performed partially by hand. Pal-V's Liberty Pioneer bends around corners. In order to drive on the roads, he has a drive to the rear wheels, as well as all the components of a conventional car. It flies due to the air pushing propeller and blades.

The novelty has a dual propulsion system withground capacity of 100 horsepower, in flight - 200 horsepower. Aviation gasoline, E10 blend (10 percent ethanol and gasoline), and AI-95/98 motor gasoline are suitable for the engine. The maximum speed is 160 kilometers per hour. The car accelerates to a hundred in less than 9 seconds. Average fuel consumption - 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers. Full refueling is enough for 1,315 kilometers.

Fly at an altitude of 3500 meters Liberty Pioneermay depending on the load up to 500 kilometers. It occurs at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour with a consumption of 26 liters of fuel per hour. To take off, the device will have enough strip of 330 meters in length, for landing - 30 meters.

The target audience of the novelty is in the firstall in the United States, where there is the most developed network of small private airfields, as well as in Europe. The top option will cost customers 599 thousand dollars, the simplified Liberty Sport version expected a bit later - 399 thousand dollars. The first batch of nearly hundreds of cars promise to start selling early next year.