Li Auto Launches Li L7 Premium Electric Mid-Size SUV

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Li Auto has launched a medium-sized electric SUV.

Li L7 size.The machine is equipped with a hybrid power plant, consisting of a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors with a total power of 330 kW. The manufacturer claims that the car is capable of driving 1,315 kilometers on a full tank, and 210 kilometers in a purely electric version. The power of the power plant allows you to accelerate the car to "hundreds" in just 5.3 seconds. As an option on the Li L7, air suspension is offered in a number of trim levels. There are several screens in the interior of the car: the central control screen, the screen for the front row passenger and the overhead screen for the rear passengers. All screens are 15.7 inches. The cost of the car is stated at the level of 319,800 yuan to 379,800 yuan ($47,120 - $55,960).