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LG's transparent displays presented (4 photos)

World leader in display manufacturing companyLG Display, a subsidiary of the LG Group, has unveiled concept models of high-tech devices in preparation for launch at CES 2022, a consumer electronics show that will be held in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2022.

Developers from LG Display in preparationconceptual models for the future exhibition were given great attention to transparent displays, the so-called "OLED furniture", which can be used both in public, retail and office premises, and in private houses and apartments.

One of the promising exhibits can beAn OLED shelf that is made up of two 55-inch displays stacked one on top of the other. The panels are 1080p with 40% surface transparency. The displays are housed in a wooden frame, and there is a wooden shelf on the top edge. The developers believe that this "OLED furniture" form factor is ideal for displaying exhibits in museums or other institutions. The OLED Shelf can be used when displaying pictures in Always On Display (AOD) mode.

Among the new products one could see flexibletranslucent display, roll-up with a motorized drive. Such devices are proposed to be used for the design of trade showcases, in which the product itself can be placed behind the display, and information about the manufacturer, composition and characteristics of the product can be displayed on the surface of the screen.

A device named Show Window willconsist of 4 displays with a diagonal of 55 inches, which can be an adornment for trade showcases of world brands. Show Windows are currently being tested in Korean Musinsa clothing stores, showrooms, and subway windows in China and Japan.