LG unveils Rollable smartphone with rollable display (video)

Smartphone makers last yearintroduced several models with fold-out screens that enlarge device displays to a size comparable to the size of a tablet. LG has also worked in this direction over the past two years, using the roll-up display concept to solve many of the problems with folding screens. At the press conference of CES 2021 events, the company presented a small teaser with the results of its work - a smartphone with a sliding screen, which is not yet mass-produced.

The novelty, after launching into production, will receivethe name LG Rollable, which reflects the whole essence of the device. At present, the company does not provide detailed technical parameters of the future smartphone, nor can it be assumed from the name that the principle of twisting a part of the screen when folded into the body will be used.

Unlike the already released Galaxy Z Fold2 with a wide indoor display and a narrow and tall outdoor display, the LG Rollable will feature a single screen with standard display dimensions for smartphones when folded. In the process of unwinding, the LG Rollable screen will take the size of a small tablet. This principle of enlarging the screen will help to avoid the problem of creases on the screens of folding smartphones.

LG engineers face a tough challengecreating a reliable mechanical system for unrolling the screen, which must withstand various operating conditions. More complex mechanical design will increase the risk of breakage from falls and intermittent daily work. Therefore, the main task of the developers will be to create a highly reliable mechanical structure resistant to external influences LG Rollable, capable of withstanding the test during long-term operation.

In the development of unwinding smartphones of the companyLG will provide assistance with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of televisions using similar technology. The company's competitors from China also do not stand aside from the possibly most promising technology for enlarging smartphone screens. So Oppo already unveiled a prototype of the Oppo X 2021 concept smartphone in November last year, although it said there were no plans to launch the device into the series.

A similar concept smartphone wasdemonstrated by TCL, which also announced that in the near future, devices with a rolling screen will not be mass-produced. However, the rapid introduction of the latest technologies, characteristic of the modern smartphone market, may lead to the emergence of several models of devices with a roll-up screen already in 2021.