LG to unveil INSTAVIEW roomy tech refrigerator at CES 2023

LG Electronics (LG) will presentLG InstaView French-Door Refrigerator at CES 2023. Flush-fitting with cabinetry, the new model offers more storage capacity and sleek design, helping users style their kitchen and enjoy an enhanced culinary experience. Refrigerator keeps food fresh longer thanks to LG's advanced technology. The model also provides four different types of ice making.

LG's new flush-mounted refrigerator25.5 cubic feet (0.72 cubic meters) of furniture has plenty of storage space despite a nine percent reduction in depth compared to the regular French-Door model. To increase the internal storage space, LG has redesigned several key components - reducing the diameter of the cold air duct and evaporator, and reducing the thickness through the use of new insulation. While its spacious interior provides 25% more storage space for food and drinks compared to previous similar LG models, the new French-Door refrigerator will save space in the kitchen with a smaller footprint.

LG's new model also brings kitchen design to lifea simple yet sophisticated aesthetic with the unique InstaView mirror panel and flat door design. The mirror-coated InstaView seamless panel, framed by smooth stainless steel, takes up almost the entire right side of the refrigerator door. By simply knocking twice on the panel, the user can look inside without opening the door, saving time and preventing cold air leakage and unnecessary energy consumption. The sophisticated, minimalist beauty and clean, modern lines of LG's latest InstaView are also enhanced by hidden handle pockets located on the "flat" refrigerator doors.

In addition, the new French-door refrigerator cooksfour different types of ice: cubed, crushed, exclusive from LG slowly melting round craft ice and in the form of mini-cubes. Users can always choose the type of ice that best suits their needs, drink or occasion. Mini ice cubes from LG, for example, are a great addition to juices, sodas or smoothies, keeping them refreshing.

Thanks to cutting-edge engineering, the new refrigeratorLG keeps ingredients fresher longer and helps keep the built-in water dispenser hygienic. Exclusive LinearCooling™ technology reduces temperature fluctuations, allowing the refrigerator to keep food as fresh as possible for up to seven days. At the same time, DoorCooling+™ works faster than a conventional cooling system, keeping food and drinks cool on every shelf. In addition, LG UVnano™ technology keeps the water dispenser nozzle clean in the refrigerator by reducing bacteria by 99.99%.

“New LG InstaView French-Door Refrigeratorwill make an excellent, stylish addition to any modern kitchen, offering consumers the ultimate in convenience, design and food freshness,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “We will continue to provide consumers with exceptional value and innovative home solutions using elegant, functional design and our cutting-edge technology.”

LG will present its latest home appliances,including the new InstaView French-Door Refrigerator, at its booth (#15501, Las Vegas Convention and Convention Center) at CES 2023 in Las Vegas from January 5-8.

Source: LG press release