LG to show its lifestyle screens at Milan design week 2023 (6 photos)

LG Electronics is about to present itslifestyle screens on display at the Salone del Mobile during this year's Milan Design Week from 17 to 22 April. "A Life Extraordinary" is a multi-sensory exhibition integrating LG OLED Objet Collection TVs. Lifestyle screens are more than an artistic medium, they are presented as works of art, emphasizing the seamless integration of technology and expressive design.

LG is constantly looking for new ways to improvethe quality of the consumer experience. To create something special for the upcoming event in Milan, LG has teamed up with premium Dutch lifestyle brand Moooi. The two companies worked closely together on the details, with the concept of each space elegantly conveyed through LG's lifestyle screens and Moooi's creative furnishings and design. LG's lifestyle screens utilize LG's cutting-edge OLED technology, which has been continuously developed over the past decade to deliver superior picture quality and a stylish, functional design that enhances both the user's lifestyle and viewing experience.

Visitors will be able to see these exclusiveArtistic creations - LG OLED Objet Collection TVs, embellished with decorative prints, combined with Moooi's eclectic, playful aesthetic elements. Part of the LG OLED Objet Collection series, LG OLED Objet Collection TVs are beautiful to look at and offer great spatial and decorative flexibility. Each model functions as a sophisticated piece of furniture that elevates the look and feel of a home, while also providing a stunning cinematic experience.

LG OLED Objet Collection Posé blurs the line betweena premium screen and a bespoke piece of furniture. The model offers flexible installation and the ability to fit flawlessly into almost any living space. Posé has an angular, minimalist design, softened by clever use of fabric elements and slightly rounded lines. The aesthetically pleasing appearance of the TV complements the surrounding décor, and its efficient connection management system helps users enjoy a cleaner space by minimizing wires.

In addition to looking stylish from any angle,Posé delivers stunning OLED evo picture quality with vibrant, distortion-free colors from virtually any viewing angle. And when not in use to watch movies or shows, Posé can be switched to gallery mode, allowing users to display artwork or photos on LG's digital self-illuminating canvas and turn the space into an exquisite art gallery.

Another lifestyle screen LG OLED Objet CollectionEasel also boasts excellent OLED evo picture quality, as well as a casual, elegant design that complements any interior. Easel is great for those who want to bring the atmosphere of a modern art salon to their living room. Its distinctive design is reminiscent of an artist's easel and allows the model to be placed stylishly against a wall, creating a sophisticated setting that blends seamlessly into any home decor style or color palette.

Along with TVs, LG will showcase otherart-inspired creations adorned by Moooi, such as the LG XBOOM 360, stylish portable speakers that provide a multi-sensory experience, combining outstanding sound quality with a vase-shaped form factor and built-in lighting, great for indoor or outdoor use .

“LG OLED showcases our ongoingcommitment to improving the lifestyle of customers and enriching the user experience through a seamless combination of technology and art,” said Keith Oh, Vice President of Brand Communications at LG Home Entertainment. “Our renewed collaboration with Moooi is a great example of how we continue to create incredible experiences based on innovation and exquisite design.”

“In the world of Moooi represented by LG OLED, technologycomplement the aesthetic and stimulate creativity,” said Marcel Wanders, co-founder and art director of Moooi. “Together, we aim to show how high-tech consumer products can become desirable interior design elements that bring harmony to a space.”

Source: LG press release