LG showed off its new tech OLED TVs at CES 2023 (4 photos)

LG unveiled its 2023 TV series,the headliners of which were the most advanced LG OLED TVs. With premium picture quality, powerful imaging technologies and an advanced webOS platform that offers even smarter features and services, LG's latest self-illuminating OLED TVs enhance the viewing experience in a way that only LG OLED can.

A decade after the introduction to the worldLG's first large-screen OLED TV LG continues to lead the premium TV market. LG's cutting-edge OLED TVs have won the CES Innovation Award for 11 years in a row and continue to evolve over time to deliver greater value to consumers. LG OLED is renowned for its exceptional picture quality, bright, accurate colors and deep blacks, as well as an infinite contrast ratio, making images amazingly lifelike.

In addition to the exciting experience ofviewing experience, LG's self-illuminating pixel technology has enabled the company to create unprecedented, visually stunning TV form factors, including the market's first rollable LG SIGNATURE OLED R and foldable LG OLED Flex. Winner of the CES 2023 Innovation Award twice, the LG OLED Flex received the Best of Innovation award in the gaming category.

2023 LG OLED TV flagships areZ3, G3 and C3 OLED evo series models. These redesigned TVs offer greater brightness and color fidelity, as well as stunning clarity and detail, thanks to the precision and performance of LG OLED evo technology and the new α9 AI Gen6 processor.

The latest Alpha series processor usesLG's most advanced AI deep learning technology delivers outstanding picture and sound quality. AI Picture Pro now offers improved scaling for greater clarity and improved dynamic tone mapping to help bring out the depth and detail in every frame. AI Picture Pro also integrates image processing technology that detects and refines important objects such as people's faces to give them a more realistic HDR quality. In addition to fine-tuning picture playback, the α9 AI Gen6 AI processor powers LG AI Sound Pro, a feature that helps viewers immerse themselves in what's happening on screen by playing virtual 9.1.2 surround sound from the TV's built-in speaker system.

Another significant update applied inthis year's LG OLED evo G3 series is LG's Brightness Booster Max technology, which incorporates a brand new lighting control architecture and light boost algorithms to increase brightness by up to 70 percent. 1 Brightness is matched and controlled on a pixel-by-pixel basis, resulting in clearer, more realistic images.
2023 LG G3 OLED evo models can alsoboast an aesthetic upgrade with the introduction of the ultra-seamless One Wall Design.2 Leaving no visible gaps when wall mounted, this year's models bring style and effortless elegance to the living room.

In addition, LG continues to use itstechnology leadership is not only to create products and services for a better life. LG OLED 2023 TVs are designed with the environment in mind, from manufacturing to disposal, creating sustainable cycles. LG OLED TVs do not have a backlight unit, which means that each TV requires fewer materials to produce than a conventional LED TV. They also use many components made from recycled plastics and even come in eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials with single color printing. Comfortable to watch, all 2023 LG OLED TVs have received TÜV Rheinland low blue light emission and flicker free certification from UL Solutions.

LG OLED TVs also introduceupdated, more personalized user interface in 2023. Powered by the latest version of webOS, this year's models introduce All New Home, a redesigned user interface (UI) that provides more personalization options and more convenience than ever. The new Quick Cards offer users easy access to the content and services they use most, all grouped into logical categories such as Home Office, Games, Music and Sports. LG's more advanced webOS allows everyone who uses the TV to receive personalized recommendations tailored to their own preferences based on browsing history and viewing habits.

In addition to personalizedThe user experience on LG OLED TVs is AI Concierge, which provides each user with a curated list of content options based on their past usage and search queries, and gives them a choice of the most popular content to watch.

Designed for premium homemovie theaters, LG OLED TVs continue to support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos picture and sound enhancement capabilities. What's more, this year's LG TVs provide seamless integration with LG's latest soundbars, delivering outstanding multi-channel surround sound with enhanced IMAX quality based on DTS:X. LG TV and LG Soundbar also combine to offer WOW Orchestra3, which takes advantage of both products' audio channels to create more powerful and immersive sound.

As you might expect, 2023 LG OLED modelssupport a wide range of HDMI 2.1a compatible features. They are also the first TVs certified by HDMI for the recently announced Quick Media Switching VRR (QMS-VRR) standard. QMS-VRR can eliminate the instantaneous "black screen" that sometimes occurs when switching between content played from different source devices connected through the TV's HDMI 2.1a compatible ports

LG OLED TVs with technologyboasting a 0.1 millisecond response time, low input lag, and support for up to four HDMI2.1a compatible ports, great for gaming. LG OLED TVs are also equipped with Game Optimizer, allowing users to quickly select and switch between game features such as game genre display presets. Settings for G-SYNC® Compatible, FreeSync™ Premium and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) are also easily accessible in Game Optimizer.

Source: LG press release