LG showcases its latest OLED technology at SID 2022

At the SID (Society for InformationDisplay, May 10-12 in the United States, LG Display showcased the latest in OLED, from freeform smartphone solutions to enterprise options.

In San Jose for the first time demonstrated to a wideto the public, flexible displays that can be folded in and out as desired by the user, large displays with touch surfaces, as well as the "world's largest" plastic (P)-OLED for cars.

In particular, the company introduced an OLED panel,capable of bending literally 360 degrees. The 8.03-inch version with a resolution of 2480 × 2200 pixels, according to test results, is able to withstand more than 200 thousand bending cycles - a special matrix structure has been developed for this. The solution is primarily designed for foldable smartphones. This option can be folded with the screen outward - this allows you to use it in a compact form, open it for use as a tablet, or fold the display inward for safe transportation.

Additionally, the manufacturer demonstrates andother types of OLED panels: 17" foldable display for laptops, 97" OLED.EX panel for TVs, 42" foldable display, flat in work mode and curved in gaming.

In addition, the company showed large OLED screens55-inch touchscreen for commercial applications, and the "world's largest" flexible plastic (P)-OLED panels for 34-inch vehicles. According to some reports, they actually consist of two or more separate OLED panels.

Finally, LG has introduced a variant for the popular trend - a 0.42-inch OLED micro display designed for AR devices.