LG received a patent for a folding screen smartphone

Leading smartphone developers constantlyworking on creating new innovative screens. LG engineers have also contributed by registering a patent for an unusual screen with a giant diagonal. Previously, the company had already created a folding TV, now developers have taken up small smartphones. The National Patent Office - Korea Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Information Service (KIPRIS) has registered a folding screen patent.

The technical documentation of the patent describesa device with a screen having a large diagonal, and four pairs of articulated joints necessary for folding the monitor. The screen in a minimized state wraps around the case several times, and the rest can function as a standard smartphone. In the expanded position, the display area is comparable or even larger than the tablet screen.

The developers claim that the device maywork with a partially expanded display. Depending on the need, the user will be able to deploy the monitor to the required size, and the system will adjust to the open area.

Source: gizmochina