LG G8 ThinQ will surprise you with incredible possibilities of a selfie-camera (4 photos + video)

LG continues to advertise its upcoming flagship smartphone G8 ThinQ. Recently, company representatives reported the presence of 3D ToF-technology in the front camera.

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ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensors detect timerequired infrared light to reach objects and reflect from them. In the process of scanning, a cloud of points is created with data on the depth of the frame. ToF, in contrast to other three-dimensional systems, calculates distances without the use of complex algorithms. This reduces power consumption and processor load.

The functioning of such a camera does not depend onambient lighting. For the LG G8 ThinQ they decided to use the Infineon REAL3 sensor, which has a data processing chip embedded in it. In addition, the front 3D ToF camera will support unlocking the gadget using face recognition. LG also announced a gesture control system with which it will be possible to control the device without touching its screen:

The presentation of the flagship smartphone G8 ThinQ from LG is expected on February 24, on the “zero” day of the Barcelona MWC 2019 exhibition.