LG G Flex 2 tested for strength 10-ton roller (video)

To the public did not miss, the authors of the site Digiatoheld another test of the strength of the smartphone. The test device was a device with a curved LG G Flex 2 display. In addition to standard situations with a fall of the device from a height, testers added entertainment - for this, they drove around the device with a huge roller.

Due to the curved shape of the LG G Flex 2 displayit is theoretically more difficult to break than traditional devices, but the South Korean device was slightly upset: having endured several simple falls, he was forced to capitulate when falling screen down. However, the most "tasty" was waiting for him later. LG G Flex 2 didn't have a chance to survive after acquaintance with a 10-tonne roller (although the smartphone body, it must be admitted, remained intact), but this is exactly the case when the spectacle is more important than the actual result.