LG Display introduced vibration speakers for cars

LG Display has developed a new speaker technology for cars. New vibrating panels from Korean

manufacturer will be able to turn dashboardsand car headrests into speakers, according to the Gizmochina portal. The new speaker does not use a cone, magnet or voice coil, and does not require a speaker grille. Instead, the speaker uses what the company called "film-type excitation technology," which vibrates off the speaker's panel "and various materials inside the car's body" to create "three-dimensional" sound. Thus, the new technology can turn any part of the car into a speaker. LG Display claims the sound quality is as good as traditional car speakers.

The technology was developed in collaboration withunnamed "global audio company" and is expected to be ready for use as early as 2023. The biggest advantage of vibration speakers is their size. The speaker measures 150×90×2.5mm and weighs only 40 grams. In a statement, LG Display said the new speaker is 10% thinner than a typical car speaker and 30% lighter. The company said it will showcase the new product at CES in Las Vegas in January.