LG brought to Russia ultra-short throw projector LG LASER 4K CINEBEAM LG HU85LS

LG Electronics introduces the first LG Ultra Short Throw (UST) 4K UHD CineBeam Laser HU85L laser projector on the Russian market, capable of creating amazingly clear large images.

The sophisticated and compact design of the HU85LS withUsing premium finishing materials from Kvadrat, selected by world-class luxury brands, organically fits into the interior of your home. It also creates a cinematic atmosphere with powerful built-in speakers.
With 8.3 million pixels (3840 x 2160) using XPR technology, the HU85LS delivers impeccable accuracy and detail 4 times that of Full HD resolution.

3-channel laser technology with the addition ofred light source to a standard blue laser, supports wider color gamut Rec.709 and DCI and can provide incredible color reproduction up to 12 bits.

LG HU85LS with 3-channel laser, usesbasic RGB colors, creating the most vivid picture without loss of quality compared to conventional projectors (DLP, Laser and Dual Laser), which use a color wheel and display colors from a single light source.

With incredible ultra-short focus, you can enjoy a 90 ″ cinematic image when installing the projector just 5 cm from the wall, or 120 ″ when installing from the 18 cm wall.

LG HU85LS uses HDR10 technology with Dynamic Tone Mapping, optimizing frame-by-frame based on the color information embedded in the original.

LG HU85LS with TruMotion technology, generates additional frames, which leads to a smooth display of movements. TruMotion even works in 4K, HDR and high frame rates up to 60Hz.

With webOS 4 system.5, using instant preview, you can enjoy a variety of TV shows and movies with easy connection to your Wi-Fi network. Also, this improved OS automatically puts applications in your favorites.

The projection adjustment feature in the HU85LS eliminates screen distortion and adjusts the projection more precisely with 12-point adjustment.

The new projector supports Miracast® device-to-device connectivity to project smart device screens onto a large projection screen.

Thanks to the support of the HDR10 standard, newLG projectors will delight viewers with realistic images with deeper blacks and brighter colors. TruMotion technology makes images even more realistic, providing a smooth and natural display of all movements on the screen. Using LG’s six-speed 4K upscaler allows viewers to watch Full HD content in ultra-clear 4K resolution. The CineBeam projector offers many options for streaming content, as well as various connection options, including USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and wireless image dubbing (Android and iOS devices). Thanks to the LG LGOSOS recognized solution, users can directly access popular applications with streaming content, such as MEGOGO, ivi, okko, etc. using the intuitive proprietary Magic Remote with intelligent button illumination for easy use even in the darkest rooms.

“LG, introducing new technologies in itsCineBeam projectors, expands the scenarios for using this device, allowing it to be equally successfully used both for home cinema devices for which they are primarily designed, and in public spaces and for commercial purposes, ”comments Evgeny Ovcharov, a leading specialist in the Projectors department LG Electronics. “LG’s technologies for enhancing image and sound quality give you a more vivid viewing experience, and numerous connectivity options increase your usage scenarios.”

Source: LG press release