LG unveils largest 163-inch TV with MicroLED and 4K technology (5 photos)

Commercial advertising gets a new solution forLED signage thanks to a new product from LG Electronics, which is launching the giant 163-inch LG Magnit displays that deliver high-quality images with deep blacks and authentic colors, easy setup and increased reliability.

Using innovative Micro LED technology,the ability to broadcast video in 4K resolution and the new LG Black Coating proprietary coating make the panels unique not only for advertising, but also for creating home theaters in private homes and country residences. LG's Black Coating will protect the tiny LED pixels from moisture, dust and the outside world. The coating also features anti-glare and anti-fingerprint properties to reduce distraction while watching videos and make it easier to remove surface stains.

Another undoubted advantage is the modular design of the display, consisting of blocks of 600 × 337.5 × 44.9 mm, which facilitates transportation and installation.

The platform is used to control the displaySmart Signage LG webOS with intuitive navigation to manage many useful features and preset. LG Magnit delivers high image quality using AI-powered α (Alpha) processor. The TV intelligently analyzes the content and source and then automatically optimizes the display in real time.

The main market for LG Magnit use, bydeveloper versions will still become commercial organizations, public buildings, museums and exhibition halls. Currently, the price of the new product has not yet been announced.