LG to block SMART TV on gray TVs from November 16

Smart TV softwareLG will receive a major update in November, significantly improving the quality of services and expanding the functions of LG Smart TV. In particular, the quality of the speech recognition system will be improved, a special panel will appear for controlling and interacting with IoT devices, and it will be possible to connect LG Mobile ThinQ and Live Plus applications.

At the same time, certain restrictions will be introduced for consumers from the CIS, Russia, Turkmenistan and Ukraine who have bought "gray" TV models.

The official website of LG posted a message aboutinnovations in the LG Smart TV software update. It is also reported that the purchase of "gray" models of smart TVs should be avoided. The operation of such devices in areas where they are not intended to be distributed may lead to blocking of some functions, or complete disabling of Smart TV functions.

The message specifically says that forof the indicated countries "... Smart TV services may be completely unavailable or significantly limited if the device does not have a certificate for compliance of the products put into circulation with the requirements of technical regulations in the region." The timing and schedule of updates will vary by region, TV model, and LG needs.

LG's announcement also points out the need for receiving from the seller of the company's products all documents and information. In particular, the consumer must be provided with confirmation of the conformity of the goods and the name of the technical regulation. The EAC marking is also mandatory, confirming that the TV has passed all tests and assessments required by the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The company recommends buying LG equipment only inofficial stores, as "gray" models purchased abroad may lose some of their functions after the upcoming update. The distribution of the update is scheduled to begin on November 16, 2020.

Source: LG