Lenses with augmented reality attracted the attention of the military (3 photos)

The world's first flexible contact lensesA source of energy, with the function of augmented reality, interested in the Office of promising research projects of the US Department of Defense (DARPA). French development not only improves vision, but also transmits visual information over a wireless network.

The lens has a miniature and flexible standalonepower supply. Its developers from IMT Atlantique claim that the charge lasts for several hours of active work. French engineers suggested using lenses with augmented reality in medicine and industry, but the military was also interested in the novelty.

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It turns out that Innovega (USA) isback in 2012, the support of DARPA began to develop contact lenses that can project an enhanced and augmented image onto the inner surface of standard glasses. Three years later, the American military financed another idea - the creation of a contact lens with built-in zoom. The project was conducted by researchers from Switzerland.

As practice shows, in the US Army are interested in the development of technologies of augmented reality. Therefore, the French development could not go unnoticed by DARPA.