Lenovo Yoga S940 review: compact and prestigious laptop

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Lenovo Yoga S940 - the new model in the famous seriesnotebooks. This time it is not a transformer laptop, but a representative of the S series, characterized by greater mobility combined with performance. It is lightweight, elegant, designed to work and consume content.

One who does not develop stands still. Thought very accurately describes the world of new technologies. This is a reality that is constantly changing and evolving, where at times even revolutionary events take place. The latter can definitely be said about the Lenovo Yoga series. These state-of-the-art devices seduce a slim and elegant design as well as versatility.

The rotating screen that we have known so far fromYoga series, offered completely new possibilities for using a laptop. It has become an excellent working tool for creative people who need flexible equipment that is adaptable to constantly changing needs. Recently, the series was replenished with new S models. In addition to 2-in-1 devices, an ultrabook, called S940, appeared. However, its characteristic feature is inconvertibility (it was abandoned), but its compactness and style.

  • Specifications
  • Design and appearance
  • Laptop display
  • Dolby Atmos Sound
  • Performance and Features
  • Safety Yoga S940
  • Should I buy?
  • Characteristics Lenovo Yoga S940


    13.9-inch, FHD (1920 × 1080) IPS, Dolby Vision, 400 nits or UHD (3840 × 2400) IPS, VESA HDR400, 500 nits


    Intel Core i7 up to 10th generation


    Up to 16 GB


    Intel UHD 620


    Up to 1 TB SSD

    System and software

    Windows 10 Home


    Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)


    2 × Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, 1 × USB-C 3.1 Gen 1, 3.5 mm audio jack


    52 W / h, autonomy up to 15 hours

    Size and weight

    319 × 197 × 14 mm, 1.2 kg


    From 115 thousand p.

    Design and appearance

    Already in earlier devices you could findthe mentioned functions, but precisely in the Yoga S940 model the emphasis is on effective elegance and ease of use. Design is at the service of the user, as it should be.

    Ultrabook Lenovo Yoga S940 has a uniquea design that measures only 12.2 mm thick in the thinnest place. These values ​​have never been seen before among the Yoga Series devices. But in the end, the name itself implies flexibility and the ability to adapt to circumstances that are constantly changing. Therefore, the decrease in thickness is consistent with current trends. This approach allows you to increase the mobility of the computer, and become one of its key features.

    However, before we discuss this, one cannot butdwell on the design of the S940. We have one of the most beautiful laptops you can buy. The body is made of aluminum. Although this is not an unusual solution, a premium grade alloy was used here, which was additionally subjected to a grinding process. The end result is impressive. The matte surface looks very elegant and gives the laptop a professional look.

    It is completely different from a typical business series.ThinkPad (for example, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7), but still looks professional. The edges of the case are also elegantly rounded, which adds uniqueness to the overall style. The device weighs 1.2 kg, it can be taken with you absolutely everywhere. Who would not want to boast of such an acquisition?

    Laptop display

    Not just the edges of the case in the Lenovo Yoga S940curved. It also made a glass panel covering the display. This solution has been used for a long time in top-end smartphones, but this is the first time I’ve met him in a laptop.

    Contour screen, that's what the manufacturer calledthis solution optically reduces the scope, although without it they are very narrow. At the widest point (at the bottom), the thickness is only 5 mm, and on the sides less than 3 mm. Thanks to this, the designers managed to place a 14.1-inch matrix in such a small laptop, and the ratio of the screen to the case is an impressive 90 percent.

    A larger display, of course, means a tallerwork comfort - without compromising mobility. The panel itself also deserves attention. Especially if we choose the option with a resolution of 4K. It complies with Dolby Vision and VESA400 HDR standards. Very bright, the manufacturer claims a brightness of 500 cd / m2, although tests show that it is higher. There is also full coverage of the sRGB color palette.

    All this leads us to a fantastic effect. Just launch high-quality video (for example, on Netflix) to see what the Yoga S940 is capable of. The colors are juicy, the contrast is deep, every detail is clear. If someone consumes a lot of video content outside the home (for example, while traveling), the S940 display will really please him.

    We also have a FullHD version with a brightness of 400cd / m2, which is much brighter than most laptops. Both matrices are excellent, with such brightness readability even on very sunny days will not be a problem.

    Dolby Atmos Sound

    Watching movies on the Lenovo Yoga S940 has moresense than on most other similar ultrabooks, for another reason. These are the Dolby Atmos speakers. Recently, Lenovo has succeeded in this aspect, which was heard in the Yoga C930. There was even a place for a subwoofer.

    The Yoga S940 audio system consists of fourspeakers. Two of them are located in the lower part, and two on the working panel. Together they generate a clear, loud and rich sound, in which there is even a bass line. It is important to note that the sound remains clear regardless of whether we listen to music at full power or quieter. Whichever option you choose, using headphones is absolutely unnecessary.

    Performance and Features

    Lenovo Yoga S940 is primarily a laptop forwork. Adequate performance is provided by reliable components sufficient to support office applications, allowing you to edit graphics, photos or videos (with FHD quality, not higher). Of course, RAM and SSD also affect the smooth operation of a computer.

    Lenovo did not save on the latter by installingSamsung's fast and efficient solid state drives that provide fast read and write data. Functionality is also affected by the quality of the keyboard, which Lenovo can count on. This is not the level known for ThinkPad Carbon, but writing and working on the S940 is convenient and enjoyable.

    Worth mentioning is the Yoga S940 battery. If we care about the maximum possible time on a single charge, then the version with the FHD screen will be the best choice. The manufacturer claims that the ultrabook is able to provide up to 15 hours of operation. However, if for you the priority is the highest-class screen, there is a version with a resolution of 4K, however, you will have to take into account the fact that autonomy will significantly decrease.

    Security at Lenovo Yoga S940

    Above the screen we will find another detail that is up toUntil now, you could only see in smartphones. This is an inverted neckline. What for? Because it goes beyond the screen, it has a standard web and infrared camera. The main purpose of the latter is to quickly enter the system using face recognition technology, but that's not all that Lenovo planned.

    Yoga S940 software implementedGlance, which in combination with an IR camera tracks the movement of the user's eyeballs. For what purpose? Just get off the table or move away from the laptop and the screen will turn off. The camera can also catch someone looking over our shoulder.

    Thus, the risk of third parties gaining access to confidential data is reduced. This will be appreciated by everyone who works in public places, as well as in an open office space.

    Another function of the IR camera is something completelynew. If we connect an external monitor to the laptop, the previously mentioned Glance software will be able to quickly transfer the content displayed on the screen to an additional, larger display. This option will be useful when you are having a video conference. The BackBlur function blurs the background behind us, hiding in this way what we don’t want our interlocutor to be able to see during video communication.


    Lenovo Yoga S940 definitely refers topremium laptops. In addition to the high quality of workmanship, functionality and other advantages mentioned earlier, this means that its price is quite high. On the day of writing this text, a version with an FHD screen, an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive costs from 115 thousand rubles.

    When deciding to purchase such equipment,we want to feel that this is a well-spent investment, and at the same time be sure that, if necessary, the manufacturer will take care of reliability. For these reasons, a special warranty program was launched - Lenovo Premium Care. According to her, the manufacturer guarantees that the laptop will be repaired within a maximum of 5 days. If this deadline is not met, the user will receive a refund that he spent on the purchase of anything and, of course, the laptop when it is eventually repaired.

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