Lenovo will introduce gaming Z5s with 10 GB of RAM on December 18

Lenovo has published a series of teasers dedicated to the Lenovo Z5s model. All of them extol the device as a particularly productive and frankly say that it is imprisoned for gamers.

The smartphone will be presented on December 18th. It is assumed that its distinctive feature will be a holed screen a la Samsung Galaxy A8s and Huawei nova 4.

However, on the teasers just a hole is not visible. At least in the corner of the screen. But the central part of it on all three turned out to be closed, which suggests that there is a hole under the camera in the middle. Whether this is exactly the hole or the screen of the Lenovo Z5s is cut in the old fashioned way, we will find out in a few days.

There is another teaser, the inscription on which casts doubt that 8 GB is enough. Apparently, this should be taken as a hint that the device will receive 10 GB of RAM.

Finally, there is a completely frank statement that the main camera of the device consists of three modules.


Tatyana Kobelskaya