Lenovo ThinkPad L580 review: a laptop with a good bundle and a price

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The hero of this review laptop Lenovo ThinkPad L580. The main difference of the model is the classic format of the ThinkPad series with a 15-inch screen diagonal and good components, for a reasonable price.

ThinkPad laptops with the prefix L - this is moreLenovo's low price range of computers, although each subsequent edition of the series boasts richer functionality. Thus, the current models of this series are not inferior to devices of a much higher class.

Comfortable backlit keyboard? Of course. IPS Full HD screen? No problems. 4G / LTE modem? Yes, in some versions. Hardware security features with a fingerprint scanner, TPM module and Smart Card in full readiness. All this is here, and in the case of the Thinkpad, which is very durable and practical, which is important.

But, can such a device boast a high work culture? Should I buy it? Look for answers to all questions in my review.

  • Specifications
  • Design and ergonomics
  • Ports and connectors
  • Laptop screen
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Sound and speakers
  • Data security
  • Performance
  • Accumulation and storage of data
  • Connectivity and connections
  • Work culture
  • Battery autonomy
  • Should I buy?
  • Lenovo ThinkPad L580 Specifications

    Dimensions and weight

    37.7 × 25.5 × 23 cm with 2 kg


    Intel Core i5 8250U 4 cores, 8 threads, 1.6 - 3.4 GHz

    Available processors

    Intel Core i7 8650U, Intel Core i5 8350U, Intel Core i5 8250U, Intel Core i3 8130U

    Graphics chip

    Intel UHD 620

    Available graphics

    AMD Radeon 530, 2 GB + Intel UHD 620



    Drive support

    1 × M.2 PCIe NVMe + WWAN in a non-modem configuration or 1 × 2.5 inch + SSD M2 in a WWAN slot for configuration without a modem


    1 × 8 GB DDR4, 2400 MHz, max. 32 GB

    Test model screen

    15.6 inch, Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) IPS, matte
    N156HCE-EAA / LEN40BA

    Available Displays

    Full HD, IPS, Matte or HD, TN

    operating system

    Windows 10 Pro


    2 × USB 3.1 Type-C, 2 × USB 3.0 HDMI audio jack


    45 Wh, lithium ion

    Network cards

    WLAN: Intel Wireless-AC 8265
    LAN: Intel Ethernet (4) I219-V


    Backlit keyboard, moisture protection, Bluetooth 4.1, WWAN modem card reader, microSD, TrackPoint, fingerprint scanner, TPM encryption module, smart card reader, NFC, MIL-STD-810G


    3 years

    Design and ergonomics

    The 15-inch ThinkPad L580 has a new case. Compared with the old version (L570), the thickness of the structure has decreased by almost 8 mm (up to 23 mm), and its weight has decreased by 0.4 kg (up to 2 kg), so it is definitely more convenient to travel with it. This is especially appreciated by users who often carry a laptop to the office, preferring a screen diagonal of more than 14 inches.

    Among the materials of the case of Lenovo ThinkPad L580 you will not find aluminum, magnesium alloy or carbon fiber reinforcement. However, this does not mean that the new L580 is made of cheap plastic.

    So that equipment can boast of reliabilityThe manufacturer chose PC / ABS polymer, that is, a hybrid of polycarbonate and ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer). It is characterized by increased resistance to physical damage even at low and high temperatures, as well as high rigidity and electrical insulation.

    The case of the ThinkPad L580 is blackin minimalist colors, we see only a few small red accents (the charging diode is integrated with the ThinkPad and TrackPoint logos). Everything has a matte and slightly rough structure, which is well protected from dirt and fingerprints. However, if we still manage to dirty the lid, clean it with a dry rag without any problems.

    The reliability of the case does not cause anyreservations, although the ThinkPad L480 is slightly better in this respect - the smaller surface of the case and the screen contributes to better durability. The lid in the L580 could be a little better - it protects the device well against pressure, but hard bending attempts cause the effect of highlighted corners at the screen.

    However, under normal use it should notto be felt, and the lid, due to its thickness and the PC / ABS polymer used, protects the matrix quite well during transportation. A stronger press causes a small desktop response only in the center of the keyboard and under the screen. The stiffness of the whole structure is very high.

    Hinges, closed in metal sleeves,allow the display of this Lenovo ThinkPad to deflect 180 degrees. Although in order to lift the lid, we have to hold the desktop with our hand (the test for the MacBook is not passed), the increased resistance of the hinges makes the L580 screen more stable. He not only maintains a given position, but not even inclined to springing.

    Ports and connectors

    The selection and placement of ports here is the same as inL480 models. Most of them are located on the back left - two USB 3.1 Type-C (including one that is included in the side connector for connecting the docking station), standard USB 3.0 and full-size HDMI. The set will be useful both in the office and while traveling.

    In the middle of the right side you will find another 1 × USB 3.0, headphone jack and microphone. This arrangement contributes to comfortable work, even if we do not connect a port replicator or a new mechanical docking station. Nevertheless, the location of the LAN is moderately successful, but it will be felt only by a small group of users.

    Laptop screen

    Lenovo ThinkPad L580 comes with one of twodisplay types. In the configurations with the most attractive price, we find the matrix TN with a resolution of HD (1366 × 768). The archaic resolution of this panel, low contrast and limited viewing angles are not suitable for comfortable and efficient operation.

    Parameters of the tested model:

    • Brightness: 251 cd / m2.
    • Contrast ratio: 1042: 1.
    • Black: 0.24 cd / m2.
    • SRGB palette: 65%.
    • AdobeRGB palette: 45%.

    Therefore, I strongly recommend choosingconfiguration with a panel, as in the model under review. The matt Full HD IPS-matrix not only generates an image with a higher resolution, which leads to an increase in the working area and better clarity, but also offers higher image quality parameters.

    Strong contrast is a decent level of backlighting andYou will appreciate wide viewing angles even in office tasks. However, this matrix is ​​not suitable for professional graphics processing. The sRGB palette equal to 65% is suitable only for office tasks or when watching movies; graphics require much better values.

    Keyboard and touchpad

    The usual keyboard took up almost alldesktop width Lenovo ThinkPad L580. Due to this, its keys are large, the cursors are set correctly, and there is a place for the numeric block.

    At the same time, the ThinkPad L580 keyboard has undergonea few inconspicuous, but important for the convenience of changes. The material from which the keys are made, has become more durable and of better quality. You will not be difficult to choose a version with a white backlight, as the manufacturer has finally provided this opportunity in the L-series.

    The comfort of the set here is phenomenal - unsurpassedThe convenience of working with text, and proven layout over the years. Add to this a full-sized digital unit, and you get one of the best keyboards that can be found in notebooks with administrative or office specialization.

    Following the traditions of Thinkpad, L580 provides usaccess to two methods of navigating the screen. In the center of the keyboard is the first of them - TrackPoint (trackpoint). The classic red joystick is one of the special features of the series.

    Despite several decades, this decisionstill valued by a large number of users. Once you have mastered its capabilities, you no longer have to take your hands off the keyboard while working, for example, to go to the window with another application. TrackPoint is accompanied by three physical buttons, located just above the touch panel.

    The touchpad in the ThinkPad L580 also got the bestworkmanship, and fingers practically do not resist sliding on a teflon coating. The device is very accurate and allows you to use Windows gestures, so work on the road without a mouse connected does not cause complications.

    Sound and speakers

    Lenovo ThinkPad L580 sound system is supported by Dolby Audio software. The speakers are loud, play cleanly, and can be used for business applications like Skype.

    Music and multimedia features lessimpressive. The lack of base, the smoothed sound and the predominance of high frequencies can be compensated with the help of the mentioned software, but, for example, Dell laptops of the Vostro family can boast of a much better audio system.

    Data security

    The base ThinkPad L580 is only availablethe only option is an infrared camera with face recognition. However, we can find a version with a fingerprint scanner, a TPM encryption module, and a smart card reader. Thus, if a laptop stores valuable and confidential data, which is not uncommon for business equipment, then be sure that the L580 will not allow an outsider into the system, and your data will be encrypted for greater security.

    Iron productivity

    Most configurations of Lenovo ThinkPad L580,based on the eighth generation of low-voltage Intel Core processors. Thanks to four physical cores and a larger cache capacity, these processors greatly benefit in performance allowing us to work effectively even on tasks with high requirements.

    However, cooling has a great effect onperformance - if the processor overheats, the system reduces the clock frequency (especially in turbo mode) to protect equipment from overheating. In the case of the L480 with the same Core i5 8250U, the frequency of the clock processor was about 2.56 GHz when the temperature reached 70 ° C.

    How does the same processor in the larger casesize? Apparently, Lenovo engineers decided that the ThinkPad L580 can reach a slightly higher temperature (at 76 ° C), so we have 100 MHz more for intensive clock pulses.

    For tasks related to office work, simplegraphics processing, multimedia and viewing of resources in the network, do not need an independent graphics system. Intel UHD 620c will cope with such tasks without problems, also providing the possibility of multi-screen operation with external 4K displays.

    However, if we need a more reliable solution,for example, for a comfortable game in the old names, I advise you to choose a configuration with a Radeon 530 graphics card from AMD. This is not a gaming machine, but it will give more options.

    Accumulation and storage of data

    Although here we are dealing with a classic notebookformat and moderately thin body; inside the L580 we find only one slot for the drive. It is possible to install a 2.5-inch hard drive and SSD M.2. To create a configuration with two disks, you need to use a modem slot, which allows us to mount an SSD M.2 PCIe NVMe with a capacity of up to 128 GB.

    The laptop version I tested had 256 GBM.2 drive with PCIe NVMe interface. Although it is not the fastest carrier in the class, its presence greatly affects the work. The system and applications run much faster than in the case of the SATA architecture, not to mention the HDD-carriers. The drive's insensitivity to shocks is also an important thing, especially when the laptop constantly accompanies you on trips.

    Connectivity and connections

    Ah, the paradoxes of business equipment. In some high-end business laptops, we may not even find a modem as an option. However, in the 15-inch average ThinkPad there are no problems with this. Therefore, if you often travel with a laptop and want to have a permanent connection to the network, all you need is to choose a model equipped with an LTE / 4G modem and insert a SIM card.

    My laptop even had an NFC connection module, which is not a standard for equipment with an average price. We also find Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 here.

    Work culture

    The hero of this review is Lenovo ThinkPad L580uses graphics integrated with the processor, so the only element of the subset of elements that requires active cooling was the processor. Thanks to this, the L580 boasts an excellent working culture. With administrative or office tasks, you will not hear how the fan works, and a full CPU load creates only quiet and easily caught noise.

    Temperatures in different areas of the hull are also notcause no objection. With office tasks, the whole structure remains pleasantly cool, and under load it only rises above the keyboard and in the middle bottom.

    Autonomy of Lenovo ThinkPad L580

    A 45Wh battery provides the ThinkPad L580 with good battery life. Depending on the tasks performed, the energy stored in this battery lasts for 6-8 hours of active work.

    The eight-hour working day should not be a problem, so leaving the office to meet with a client, we will not be obliged to remember the power supply.


    Lenovo ThinkPad L580 is a laptop thatreasonable price offers performance and equipment necessary for comfortable work. The black case with a modest design does not disappoint in terms of reliability, and the matte finish makes it easier to maintain a neat appearance.

    Although it is not a high-price notebook,the manufacturer did not regret the quality and equipment. The backlight of the keyboard with a numerical block is not inferior to the solutions from the ThinkPad T series; the same excellent touchpad and TrackPoint are supported. This laptop also has hardware security features, an optional modem, NFC connectivity and a docking station.

    At the eighth generation of low-voltage processorsIntel Core is definitely more powerful than dual-core chips from previous years. The amount of RAM can be increased up to 32 GB, and there is an opportunity to create a two-disk configuration.

    Should I buy?

    Yes. The ThinkPad L580 performed well in terms of culture and boasts a quiet, efficient cooling system. Even under load, you don’t have to worry about sound or heat. And although here we are dealing with a fifteen-inch device, its autonomy does not differ from the values ​​of today's mobile ultrabooks.

    At the moment it is difficult to find a laptop with the best price / performance ratio.

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