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Lenovo Legion Y730 Review: 15-inch high-performance laptop

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Lenovo has previously produced laptops that canattributed to gaming. At the beginning of this year, the company introduced a separate Legion brand, which currently includes several models. The Lenovo Legion Y730, a middle-end gaming laptop, came to my review.

Let's see what he can.

  • Specifications
  • Design and construction
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Screen and sound
  • Performance
  • Graphics processor
  • Software
  • Battery autonomy
  • Are there alternatives?
  • Should I buy?
  • Characteristics of Lenovo Legion Y730 15


    Intel Core i7-8750 with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz

    operating system

    Windows 10 Home


    from 16 GB

    Drive size

    from 128 GB

    Drive type

    PCIe SSD

    Size of additional HD disk

    from 1 TB

    The speed of the second hard drive


    Display size

    15.6 inch

    Display resolution

    1920 × 1080

    Optical drive


    Video card

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

    Video memory

    4 GB



    Wi-Fi model

    Lenovo 802.11 AC (2 × 2)



    Trackpad size

    3.9 × 2 inch


    Mini displayport
    Headphone port
    HDMI 2.0
    USB Type-C
    USB 3.1 × 3 pcs.


    Limited to 1 year

    The size

    36.57 × 25.9 × 2.41 cm


    2313 g

    Design and construction

    Legion Legacy Notebooks have tended tomimic the look of Alienware notebooks, but the simple and square design of the 15-inch Y730 looks more like an IdeaPad device. Legion Y730 looks very modern. It is equipped with a slim display with small frames, which allows you to compete with laptops such as the Dell G5 Gaming Laptop and Asus ROG Strix Hero.

    Although the body of the Lenovo Legion Y730quite thin, there are almost all the necessary connectivity options, including three USB ports, an HDMI port, a Mini-DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3, a headphone jack and Ethernet. This will allow you to connect any peripheral device that gamers can use.

    Keyboard and touchpad

    Keyboard Lenovo Legion Y730 has a flatkeys. To the left of the main keys is a column of six additional, which can be customized for any use. The buttons have a pleasant soft stroke and are located at a sufficient distance from each other, which allows you to comfortably type text.

    The keyboard has a built-in RGB backlight, andWith Corsair iCue, you can customize almost any color combination and effects. The color of the Legion logo and the backlight of the vents can also be changed. The MSI GP63 Leopard is the only alternative device that can compete with the Legion Y730's extensive lighting setup.

    The touchpad on the Y730 is quite large and smooth. He perfectly understands the positioning of the finger, and also has the support of gestures. At the bottom of the touchpad are two physical buttons.

    Screen and sound

    Laptop Lenovo Legion Y730 is equipped with a 15-inch1080p screen with anti-reflective coating. Most gaming laptops have a glossy screen, which greatly improves the contrast, but makes it inconvenient for use in bright rooms.

    Legion Y730 screen provides high accuracycolors and contrast ratio of 860: 1 at the maximum brightness of the panel 305 lux. In general, the games look crisp, bright and with a lot of detail in dark scenes. Even 1080p resolution is not a problem. Of course, this is not 4K, but the picture is more realistic and corresponds to the hardware.

    Special mention deserves the sound. Lenovo Y730 is equipped with a pair of Harman branded speakers with support for Dolby Atmos technology, the peculiarity of which is to provide equally accurate, deep and rich sound in headphones and speakers. For the player, the accuracy of the sound is especially important, since in games it helps to quickly and accurately determine the location of the enemy.

    Performance and Tests

    Lenovo Legion Y730 comes with a 6-core Intel Core i7-8750H processor and a maximum clock speed of 4.1 GHz paired with 16 GB of RAM. This is not the fastest laptop, but it is powerful.

    256 GB solid-state SSD PCIe SSDThe tests showed excellent results. The read speed is more than 1.5 GB / s, and the record is 425 MB / s. These results go far beyond what is needed to quickly load games.

    Graphics processor

    Gaming laptop Legion Y730 is equipped with a video cardGTX 1050 Ti 4GB from Nvidia, which is the most common among the average for the price of gaming laptops. In the 3DMark Fire Strike test, the tested Y730 scores 7,066 points, which is slightly higher than that of similar machines.

    Legion Y730 provides gamingthe performance you expect from the GTX 1050 Ti. More demanding games like Deus Ex: Mannind Divided will not be able to play comfortably at the highest graphics settings. Nevertheless, most gamers will find the Y730 to be quite comfortable with a gaming laptop.


    Lenovo Legion Y730 on Windows 10 with softwarepackage Lenovo Vantage. It replaces the standard battery indicator and offers several additional features, including support for additional hotkeys.

    Keyboard lighting is controlled by the application.iCue, there is also a separate Lenovo menu that allows you to customize special keys on the keyboard. My version also installed a trial version of McAfee LiveSafe antivirus.

    Battery autonomy

    The Legion Y730 battery with a capacity of 57 W / h isa step back from last year’s Y720, which gives cause for concern. The volume is similar to the battery of Dell XPS 13, but the Y730 is much more powerful and the math is not in favor of Lenovo.

    My concerns were confirmed by the results.tests. When playing looped video Y730 did not last even three hours. In a more demanding test basemark Browser, the laptop did not work even for two hours.

    Real results were no better. Easy web surfing and document editing have discharged a fully charged battery in less than four hours, which makes the Lenovo Legion Y730 not the most portable device.

    Alternative Lenovo Legion Y730

    With a less attractive display and a similar battery, Dell G3 Gaming is the closest competitor to the Legion Y730, but with a lower price.

    There are a lot of laptops equipped with the best GTX 1060 video chip with a similar cost. These include the Asus ROG Strix Hero, the Dell G5 Gaming, the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop and the MSI GP63 Leopard.


    Lenovo Legion Y730 15 is beautiful and durablea laptop that has a rather high price. The Y730 with a solid-state SSD drive with a capacity of 256 GB and a 2 TB mechanical hard drive sold by me is sold for $ 1,550 (RUR 102,600). This is too expensive for a gaming notebook running on the GTX 1050 Ti, given that less expensive competitors already offer the GTX 1060.

    Should I buy?

    Legion Y730 15 is a beautiful and affordable gaming laptop, it looks more attractive than many peers, but for such a price I want a GTX 1060.


    • Beautiful design.
    • Good 1080p screen.
    • High performance processor.
    • Customizable RGB keyboard backlight.


    • Unclear keyboard layout.
    • Performance in games.
    • Bad battery life.

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