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Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review: New Budget Gaming Laptop

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In June, Lenovo introduced two very similar15.6-inch gaming laptops, Legion Y530 and Lenovo Legion Y7000. Outwardly, they are very different, but use the same platform. With the Y530, the manufacturer decided to experiment and introduced the model in a hybrid design, while the Y7000 is a true gaming laptop.

As for the characteristics, there is the possibilitythe choice of parameters: Core i5-8300H or i7-8750H CPU, GeForce GTX 1050 / Ti or GTX 1060 GPU, as well as 60 Hz or 144 Hz 1080p IPS display and, finally, up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM. The starting price of the laptop starts at $ 1,000 ($ 66,000), which puts the Y7000 on a par with the 15.6-inch HP Pavilion Gaming 15, MSI GF63, Acer Aspire Nitro 15, Xiaomi Mi Gaming and the recently announced Asus FX705.

In this review, I will compare the Lenovo Y7000 with competitors, as well as fellow Legion Y530.

  • Specifications
  • Design and body
  • Connections and connectivity
  • Laptop service
  • Keyboard and trackpad
  • Laptop display
  • System performance
  • Memory and data storage
  • Graphics performance
  • Noise and heat
  • Speaker sound
  • Power consumption and autonomy
  • Should I buy?
  • Characteristics of Lenovo Legion Y7000

    • Processor: Intel Core i7-8750H (Intel Core i7), Intel Cannon Lake HM370.
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (notebook version) of 6144 MB, frequency: 1404 MHz, Memory: 8008 MHz, GDDR5, 398.27, Optimus.
    • RAM: 16 384 MB, DDR4-2666 PC4-21300, 19-19-19-43, dual channel.
    • Display: 15.6-inch 16: 9, 1920 × 1080 pixels 141 PPI, BOE NV156FHM-N61, IPS, BOE06FB, matte.
    • Memory: Samsung SSD PM981 MZVLB256HAHQ, 256 GB, optional: 1 TB Seagate ST1000LM049-2GH172.
    • Weight: 2,407 kg.
    • Price: $ 1100 ($ 73,000).

    Design and body

    Past gaming laptops from Lenovo Legion externallylooked bright. For example, the 15-inch Ideapad Y700 has a glossy polished aluminum surface, rubberized matte palm rest, red grilles, and a virtually frameless display. Legion Y7000 looks simpler - it is less spectacular, probably created for a more adult audience.

    Narrow frames on three sides of the screen resemble a serieslaptops Asus GL504 and FX705, however, the webcam here is installed under the display just under the name. Of the obvious drawbacks, I note that fingerprints are very quickly collected on the surface of the Lenovo Legion Y7000, especially on rubberized palm rest and keyboard.

    Body stiffness is above average, it is nowherebends and does not creak. However, when compared with Alienware 15, there is an obvious problem with the keyboard. Under pressure, it is noticeably deformed. Again, when compared with the above-mentioned Asus GL504 or Alienware, the cover of the Y7000 is not as strong and slightly bends.

    I want to note the reliability of the central hinge,which holds the display firmly at any angle, and when typing, the screen does not tremble or swing. The only drawback I can call only a small angle of inclination - about 140 degrees. At competitors nevertheless designs more conveniently - tilt angles big. Even the Legion Y530 lid opens to 175 degrees.

    The build quality of the Y7000 is excellent. I did not notice any defects or gaps. This is obvious even when compared with the Ideapad Y50, which was damaged during transportation - the rear grilles are broken.

    Connections and connectivity

    The set of ports in the Lenovo Legion Y7000 and their location is identical to the Legion Y530. In other words, most of the connectors are located on the rear edge of the case, and on the sides there is one USB Type-A port.

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, the desire to savein the Legion Y7000 leads to inconvenience - USB Type-C and HDMI ports are therefore difficult to access. Surprised by the lack of slots for SD-cards. These disadvantages are caused by the fact that the Y7000 is technically a budget gaming laptop.

    Whereas the Legion Y7000 receivedRealtek RTL8822BE module, in practice it shows only half of the theoretically stated data transfer rate. Ordinary gamers will hardly notice this fact, but if the parameter is important to you, I advise you to choose the Legion Y530 - its Intel 9560 WLAN communication module works at a speed of up to 1.75 Gbit / s.

    Laptop service

    For the convenience of service Lenovo Legion Y7000You need a Phillips screwdriver and a flat plate. The bottom panel snaps tightly around the edges, so it is not easy to open. Once inside, we have direct access to the battery, WLAN module, memory and cooling system. Both SODIMM slots are inconveniently positioned behind the metal shield.

    The internal layout is almost identical to the Y530, as I mentioned at the beginning of the review.

    Keyboard and trackpad

    The size of the keys, their location and feedback inThe accuracy is identical to that of the Y530 keyboard. The key travel depth is 1.7 mm, which is slightly larger than in ultrabooks (usually less than 1.4 mm), although the feedback is softer than that of Asus GL504 keys. Fortunately, the arrow keys on the Legion Y7000 are full-sized.

    White backlight keyboard Lenovo Legion Y7000 has two levels of brightness. If you want to get a laptop with RGB backlit keys, then you should look at the Y730.

    The Y7000 trackpad is different from the panel in the Y530. There are no dedicated keys, and therefore the sensory area has increased from 10 × 5.1 cm to 10.5 × 7 cm. Pressing the sensor surface has become softer and quieter, multitouch has become easier to use. The rest of the plastic texture is similar to the surface of the Y530 trackpad. But, when pressed, I noticed that the plastic bends. Such a high-quality laptop should not be.

    Laptop display

    On sale there are two options for Lenovo Legion Y7000 -The first received a display with a resolution of 1080p and a frequency of 60 Hz, the second 1080p and a frequency of 144 Hz. The screen is not glossy, protected by Gorilla Glass. Contrast and maximum brightness - as I expected from a gaming laptop, here the parameters are at the level of 800: 1 at 300 nits. The matt surface has no grit problems. It is barely noticeable at an angle or if you look at the display from the side.

    Whereas in Legion Y530IPS panel AU Optronics B156HAN02.1 is installed, and in Legion Y700 - IPS panel BOE NV156FHM-N61, we get a wider color coverage. It is this matrix that is installed in laptops Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, the base models of Razer Blade 15 and even in ThinkPad X1 Extreme.

    There are two main drawbacks of the displayY7000 - pulse width modulation and slow response, black and white and gray-gray. Flicker is noticeable at all levels of brightness. The panel with a frequency of 60 Hz more visible halos, and on the right edge of the backlight uneven. The color gamut of the display is approximately 86% and 56% according to AdobeRGB and sRGB standards. I was surprised that the Legion Y530 has a narrower color range. However, I can not name a very wide range of advantage for a gaming laptop.

    The display response time when switching from one color to another is:

    • From black to white - 36 ms (one of the worst results).
    • From 50% gray to 80% gray - 42.8 ms (average result).

    Wide viewing angles, no significant changes incolor, except that there are minor shifts in shades of gray and contrast. You can use a laptop on the street, the image visibility is average, since the backlight brightness is weaker than in many ultrabooks. Glare is not visible due to the matte surface, which facilitates viewing in the shade.

    CPU and system performance

    Mostly gaming laptops of the current generationget processors Coffee Lake-H Core i5-8300H and i7-8750H. So the class definition depends on the installed GPU. Lenovo Legion Y7000 falls into the budget segment category because of the installed GTX 1050, 1050 Ti and 1060 graphics cards. The RAM we get is from 8 to 32 GB DDR4. There is also a pre-installed option to automatically switch Nvidia Optimus graphics to enable UHD Graphics 630.

    During the test CineBench R15 Multi-Thread IGot the result 8% better than the average Core i7-8750H. Thank you need for this mode Turbo Boost. That's only if the test loop, then the performance due to throttling drops by 11%. In the stress test, the Legion Y7000 showed a processor frequency of 3.1-3.2 GHz at maximum load. The cheapest version of the Y7000 with a Core i5-8300H processor is 32% worse in the multithreading test.

    PCMark test results are typical for everyone.gaming laptops with i7-8750H CPU and GTX 1060 GPU graphics. The operating system runs smoothly, applications run almost instantly, as you would expect from a laptop with SSD memory. I had no problems with software or hardware.

    Memory and data storage

    In gaming Lenovo Legion Y7000 there are twointernal memory slots - 2.5-inch SATA III + M.2 NVMe. In my version, the main SSD Samsung SSD PM981 is installed at 256 GB and the optional Seagate Barracuda Pro ST1000LM049 is 1 TB. Despite the fact that the sequential write speed of SSD is high, the sequential read speed is low here - about 864 MB / s, and this is after repeated tests. For example, I note that the speed of SSD in MSI GS65 with sequential reading is 1612 MB / s.

    Seagate HDD shows average speedtransfer 84 MB / s, if you believe HD Tune. In truth, I expected better results from 7200 rpm. The same Hitachi Travelstar HTS725050A7E630 shows an average transfer speed in a similar test of 101 MB / s.

    Graphics performance

    NVIDIA GPU PerformanceGeForce GTX 1060 is typical for gaming laptops in this class. I'm not surprised by the results of the Y7000, equal to the average value of the tests of other 73 notebook models with the GTX 1060.

    Fire Strike test result in Legion Y7000 by 18%better than the GTX 980M and almost 170% better than the GTX 960M. If you test the version with the GTX 1050 Ti graphics processor, the performance loss will be 33%.

    Noise and heat

    If you only work with text, then Lenovo laptopLegion Y7000 produces no noise at all. The only stimulus of silence will be a rotating hard disk - 28.4 dB (A). The fan is noisy at the level of 45-46 dB (A). Under extreme load, the level reaches 50 dB (A).

    When idling the warmest placeLegion Y7000 in the center of the case - the temperature can reach 30˚ C, and under the palm rest it is 24-26˚ C. On the right, the heating will be a couple degrees higher, since there is a hard and solid-state drive. Under heavy load, the M.2 accumulator heats the bottom of the case to 47˚ C.

    During the stress test, the processor reached 3.9GHz before the temperature rose to 87˚. During the launch of Witcher 3, it worked steadily at a frequency of up to 3.9 GHz, the graphics processor reached 1696 MHz. The temperature at the hottest point was 70˚ C.

    Speaker sound

    Legion Y7000 stereo speakers sound louder, butgive a less balanced sound when compared with the Y530. Because of their close proximity to the front edge, the sound will be reflected from the palms. Unfortunately, there is no additional software for fine tuning the sound.

    Power consumption and autonomy Legion Y7000

    Standby gaming Lenovo Legion Y7000consumes 5-17 watts, depending on the screen brightness settings and the active performance profile. The maximum consumption I noticed for the first time for the seconds of the Prime95 test was about 136 W, then the indicator dropped to 95 W.

    The laptop showed almost 6 hours inaverage mode with WLAN enabled. This value is above average, which show gaming laptops. Battery charging is quite slow, you have to wait 2-2.5 hours.


    Lenovo Legion Y7000 for their money offersExcellent gaming performance and power. The disadvantages of this laptop are non-critical. These include: the lack of an SD slot, the port layout is not the best, the installation of RAM is inconvenient, the webcam is in an unusual place, the trackpad could be made more rigid, just like the cover of a laptop. I will add that this model is heavier than similar laptops of competitors. Real gamers may notice a relatively slow response when moving from black to white.

    The gaming machine does not feel or looks likecheap budget device. The Legion Y7000 delivers optimal core performance by not adding additional features to control costs. Some of the new design options may be annoying, like surfaces with fingerprints, inconvenient port layout or relatively complex maintenance, but these disadvantages do not outweigh the advantages of the Y7000.

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