Lenovo Legion 2 Pro fails Zach Nilson's test of durability (video)

Newly launched gaming smartphoneLenovo's Legion 2 Pro was immediately tested by YouTube contributor JerryRigEverything, Zach Nilson. The expert was sincerely surprised that Lenovo produces smartphones, while noting that he used the company's laptop during his college years.

The first thing Nielson drew attention to was the original design of the Legion 2 Pro case, with bends in "strange places" (later the frame of the device will crack when tested for bending in these places).

Legion 2 Pro screen glass testingby scratching with objects with different hardness on the Mohs scale, the result was standard for modern smartphones. The first scratches were obtained with a 6 hardness stack and the deeper scratches with a 7 hardness test piece.

Tested by Nilsson for scratches with hard objectsand a retractable front camera lens with a resolution of 44 mm. The coating of the camera lens is also scratched only by objects of hardness, starting from 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale. The expert noted that when falling from a height, the extended front camera quickly "hides" in the body.

The smartphone has an original body shape, witha noticeable thickening in the center, which "hides" an active cooling system with two fans located directly above the evaporation chamber. The case is certified according to the IP 58 standard, which means that all openings, including the ventilation ones, are protected from water ingress.

Active ventilation system Legion 2 Pro,the extra backlighting, powerful hardware based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and the large AMOLED screen require a lot of energy, which is supplied by a battery consisting of two blocks. This fact is alarming for Nilson, as the previous gaming smartphone ASUS ROG Phone5 did not pass the bending test for this reason.

Getting Started with the Legion 2 Pro Hull Testbend Nielson noted that the smartphone is quite heavy, which is encouraging about the smartphone's ability to pass the extreme test. However, expectations did not materialize, and the body of the Lenovo gaming smartphone cracked at the slightest bending force, according to Zach, even less than the force that destroyed the ASUS smartphone.

The destruction occurred at the points of "strange bends"on the case and was explained by Nilson by loosening the frame with plastic inserts for the antennas. In conclusion, the expert checked the strength of the second undamaged part of the hull. The destruction occurred at the same bend point near which the antenna inserts were located. "Now this smartphone has three parts and it can be called Legion 3" - joked Nilsson. Meanwhile, he noted that a weak body does not mean that the smartphone is bad, it is just a warning for gamers regarding caution when using the Legion 2 Pro.