Lenovo introduced the first computer with a flexible display

In 2019, the world was shown twoUnusual smartphones with flexible displays — Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X — became them. Despite the fact that users find them extremely unreliable and uncomfortable, other companies continue to develop similar devices. Thus, at the Accelerate conference in Florida, a prototype of the world's first computer with a half-fold display, the Lenovo ThinkPad X, was presented. The final version of the device will be released only in 2020, but some details about the new product are already known.

The device is positioned as a computer thatcan be used as a laptop and tablet. When folded, it looks like a notebook, on the cover of which you can even attach a Wacom stylus, and when unfolded, you will see a large 13.3-inch OLED display with 2K resolution. It is noteworthy that LG was the manufacturer of the flexible display.

How to use it?

As mentioned, the computer can be a laptop - in a bended form, the display is divided into two 9.6-inch screens. According to Gizmodo, one half of the device is weighted with a battery, so the design will be held securely on the table like a real laptop. If you wish, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your computer - for sure, people who care about the tactile sensations of the mechanical keys will be happy about this.

Among other equipment of the computer is worth noting.infrared camera with face recognition, two USB-C ports, stereo speakers and a battery with a charge of "all day". Apparently, Windows 10 will be the operating system.

What computer is better than smartphones?

According to the Gizmodo edition, unlike the screensSamsung and Huawei smartphones, no ripples appear on the Lenovo computer display. Most likely, with the new device it will be convenient to take notes on one half of the display, and the other to use for watching videos or conversations with people. It is expected that potential buyers of a flexible computer from the Lenovo ThinkPad X series will be businessmen or technology lovers who can tolerate the inevitable errors that occur in the first of its kind devices.

When will the final version be released?

The official presentation of the novelty is scheduled for 2020year, but the exact date and cost is still unknown. Its development has been carried out over the past three years, and the company needs time to adjust the folding mechanism and install the display with a wider viewing angle.

While the manufacturer is doing all this,We recommend reading about other devices with flexible displays. First, everyone should familiarize themselves with the features of the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone - details about it are written in the results of the February presentation of Samsung. Secondly, read about the Huawei Mate X smartphone, which was presented two days later.

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