Lenovo has released the most productive mini-PC in the world (4 photos)

Chinese company Lenovo at the conferenceAccelerate 2019 has announced a miniature PC, included in the new line of devices ThinkCentre Nano M90n. Stated that the entire series contains the most compact commercial desktop PCs on the market. Designed to provide substantial performance with tiny sizes.

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So, one of the models has 178 dimensions.8 x 87.9 x 21.8 millimeters. Not counting the thickness, they are comparable with the parameters of a large smartphone. There are 2 models in the line yet: ThinkCentre Nano M90n IoT and Nano M90n. They differ in hulls and port sets. The Nano M90n IoT has a passive cooling system.

Parameters of new products are not yet announced in detail. It is reported only that based on the development of CPU Intel Core 8 generation. The maximum drive is 512 gigabytes, RAM - 16 gigabytes. The devices comply with the MIL-SPEC-810G protection standard. Within reasonable limits, they are not afraid of temperature drops, drops or high humidity.

Deliver new items will begin at the end of the coming summer. The Nano M90n IoT will start at $ 539, the ThinkCentre Nano M90n costs about $ 639.