Lenovo gave the computer mouse a translator and voice input (2 photos)

Chinese corporation Lenovo introducedintelligent mouse, complete with voice control option. The novelty can perform real-time translation, voice input and voice control. The cost of the gadget is about $ 43 at the current rate.

New from Lenovo based on technologyspeech recognition, developed by Chinese startup Keda Xunfei. Thanks to this option, you can get many functions: voice control, translation into English, voice input and so on. Voice input supports English and several Chinese dialects: Cantonese, Henan, Szechuan, and Mandarin. You can translate with this device between 26 languages.

According to unconfirmed information, intellectualThe mouse can also automatically retrieve the latest hot network words and related events. For this, the cloud service platform Al is used. In addition, the thesaurus is constantly updated.

During operation, the device uses deeptraining that contributes to the efficiency of recognition, control and application. The novelty uses technology that positions blue light. In this case, the effect of positioning and tracking is much better than that of laser and photovoltaic technologies. This light can be used on glass, wood, fabric, and other surfaces. Supports 600/1200/2400/4000 with 4 DPI adjustment. Device dimensions - 110x61x32 centimeters. The outer casing is made of ABS material with a pleasant coating and metal texture.