Lenovo augmented reality glasses will provide a workplace with 5 virtual screens (video)

Modern office workers, engineers and privatesusers often improve their computer productivity by installing multiple monitors at once. The appearance of additional equipment on the desktop negatively affects the comfort of users and introduces additional difficulties when servicing devices. One of the elegant solutions to this problem is the use of compact and lightweight ThinkReality A3 smart glasses, presented at CES 2021 by Lenovo. The smartest, according to the developers, virtual reality glasses give the user access to several virtual monitors at once.

The new ThinkReality A3 glasses solve severalproblems resulting in increased productivity. These are 3D visualization and creation of workflows supporting augmented reality (AR), as well as immersive learning and collaborative solution of production and entertainment problems.

Lightweight and compact ThinkReality A3 designallows them to be used in all situations and are even suitable when used as sunglasses. To solve industrial problems, the device can be equipped with a frame of increased strength. The ThinkReality A3 smart glasses are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform and feature 1080p stereoscopic displays with five virtual displays available to the user. An 8-megapixel RGB camera delivers 1080p images, while dual fisheye cameras provide full-HD video tracking for the user's surroundings.

ThinkReality platform developed by Lenovohas been leading for several years now, and the new ThinkReality A3 is an improved and more compact version of the ThinkReality A6 introduced last year at CES 2020.
ThinkReality A3 glasses introduced this yearcan work with desktops or laptops using the USB-C connector to create five virtual screens. The Industrial Edition allows connectivity to select Motorola smartphones for a mobile solution to many industrial applications.

Virtual monitors increaseproductivity, privacy and immersiveness for industries like finance, architecture and engineering, and any remote and mobile worker. Existing applications on the ThinkReality platform allow you to solve work in factories, laboratories, retail spaces and hotels. ThinkReality A3 glasses are complemented by the A6 headset, which features full-featured sensors, expandable memory, 1080p waveguide optics and a replaceable head-mounted battery.

The Lenovo ThinkReality A3 eyewear world is slated to enter select markets in mid-2021. However, the price of the product has not been disclosed yet.

Source: lenovo