LEGO has released a robotics designer for children (video)

New design set SPIKE Prime fromThe world-famous company LEGO Education will allow children to master the basics of programming and robotics. The SPIKE Prime set is intended for teenagers of 10-12 years.

STEAM-learning program (abbreviation forEnglish Science, Engineering, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) is designed to integrate the basic provisions of these sciences into a single coherent system of knowledge. The structure of the presented design set allows you to train students with any level of knowledge and is designed for 45 minutes, which will allow you to include a game set in the school curriculum.

SPIKE consists of standard Lego cubes,motors, speakers, sensors, block with 6 ports. The special application that comes with the designer will allow students, after assembling the robot, to reconfigure and control it using a computer.

According to the developers, practical exercises will allow children to more effectively master the basics of the exact and engineering sciences necessary for every modern person.