LEGO built Bugatti from a million cubes. You can ride on it!

This is a piece by LEGO, probably the mostcrazy in the history of the company producing the legendary cubes. She built a Bugatti Chiron supercar model from LEGO. In full size. On the run. Seriously. The creative team created this model for display at the Italian Grand Prix of a million Technic cubes.

For those who do not know, Technic is a LEGO line with connecting rods, gears, axles, motors and other parts that are slightly more complicated than the cubes for which we love this company.

Bugatti from LEGO. What's the catch?

LEGO says that the construction took only 13,500 hours. They started brainstorming in June last year, and direct construction began in March 2018.

Looking at the video, you might think that this is some kind of computer graphics. But no.

In truth, this is not quite LEGO - there isseveral components that simply cannot be made of plastic. Still, there is 1.5 tons of weight. In the car there is a steel frame, a pair of batteries, some gears from a 3D printer and real Bugatti wheels.

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By the way, LEGO is technically the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Toy.

What else does the car have?

  • Removable steering wheel
  • Doors that open and close
  • Spoiler that rises and falls by pressing a button
  • Functional speedometer, also from Technic particles

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