Legendary PC Commodore 64 on sale again (2 videos)

Recently, in the high-tech marketincreased demand for recreated copies of previously popular gadgets. One example was the successful release of the smartphone with a flexible screen Motorola RAZR 2019, copying the form factor of its predecessor. Many copies of game consoles from the past are also available. Developers from Koch Media and Retro Games decided to recreate the legendary Commodore 64 home computer, which entered the market back in 1982.

A small copy was released last year.this ancient computer by modern standards, called the C64 mini. Now the new old Commodore 64, under the brand name THEC64, will reach consumers not only in its original sizes, but also with a soundtrack that completely imitates the sounds of its predecessor.

Introducing THEC64 made possible bya successful company at Indiegogo crowdfunding venue. If we recall the technical parameters of the predecessor, it becomes clear how advanced computer technology for a short, from a historical point of view, period.

The first Commodore 64 received a record for thoseAt times, 64 kilobytes of RAM. The screen broadcast an image in 16 colors with a resolution of 320 by 200 or 160x100 in four-color mode. The now released copy of the legendary computer will play eight-bit sound, close to the synthesized soundtrack of the original. Video will be broadcast in 720p HD at 60 or 50 Hz.

The new computer will support work withC64 cartridges, as well as through a USB adapter with cartridges for a Commodore VIC 20 computer, the forefather of Commodore 64. Buyers of a retro computer will also receive an HDMI cable, a proprietary joystick. In the memory of the device will be pre-installed 64 classic games from the past era, as well as Sam’s Journey with a save function.

Source: slashgear