Leak: Sony Xperia 2 on renders

Cover maker, as so often happens,Revealed the mystery of appearance as long as the smartphone is not announced. In a transparent case and without it, the public appeared Sony Xperia 2. Renders published a resource Slashleaks

Should I believe in the reality of the device? Is not a fact. Somehow too early for Sony Xperia 2 - Sony Xperia 1 was introduced in February 2019, and it is unlikely that the “number two” will mature earlier than next February.

Sony Xperia 1

But even assuming that the designerscovers the design of the new flagship got so early, alarming aspect ratio apparatus. Surely from the most prominent of the design decisions - the elongated shape of the device because of the screen with the sides 21: 9 refused? And in favor of what - to return to the traditional dimensions?

I do not believe.

Tatyana Kobelskaya