Lazareth intrigues a flying bike with jet engines (5 photos + video)

Lazareth, a French company known forthat put the Ferrari engine in a quad and assembled the famous Peugeot 406 car for the Taxi movie, presented a promotional video of its own hoverbike.

The video teaser shows how an ordinary car goes along the street.a motorcycle, and when the rider stops, real magic begins. Each wheel turns to a horizontal position, very similar to Doc Brown's DeLorean in the movie "Back to the Future." It is then that we see that each wheel contains a small jet engine inside. When the wheels turn to a horizontal position, the motorcycle rises into the air. The hangup method used has long been working on vehicles such as the Harrier jet fighter.

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However, jet engines are loud, and four ofThey can generate noise almost like a Boeing 747, which is a problem. Presumably, each wheel leans slightly to move the bike in different directions when it is in a hover mode, like some hoverbikes and drones driven by a propeller. Jet turbines from the German company JetCat are installed in the wheels, the same are part of the jet pack with the Jetman wing of the Swiss extremal inventor Iva Rossi.

Currently we know nothing more than thatas shown in the video. Nevertheless, Lazareth promises to present the LMV 496 bike (“La Moto Volante”, which means a flying motorcycle) on January 31, 2019. The future novelty, most likely, will be built on the basis of the custom Lazareth LM847.