Launched a public browser-based simulator for docking the ISS and the SpaceX Crew Dragon manned spacecraft (2 videos)

Less than two weeks left before historicallaunch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon manned flight to the ISS, scheduled for May 27 as part of the implementation of the Demo-2 program. This will be the first launch of a manned spacecraft from the United States in nearly ten years after the closure of the Space Shuttle project in 2011.

Crew Dragon Astronaut Training Programincluded the use of a computer simulator for docking the spacecraft and the ISS station. Now this browser simulator is in the public domain and anyone can try to dock Crew Dragon with the ISS.

The training of the crew lasted about two years, andThe final announcement of the Crew Dragon squad was made back in 2018. The first NASA astronauts to be delivered into space from the United States in ten years will be Robert Benken and Douglas Hurley, who will be in space from 30 to 119 days.

It is noteworthy that the docking process of the ship CrewDragon with the station is fully automated for all stages, including the final one, when the Canadarm2 manipulator comes into play. For docking, the IDA universal international docking station, designed for private spacecraft, was used. The operation of the node was tested during a test flight of Crew Dragon in 2019.

The docking of the Crew Dragon and the ISS will alsopass in automatic mode. However, as usual, the option of manual docking is also considered. It was for training such an extreme situation that astronauts used a browser simulator, now available to any inhabitant of the Earth.

The control system in the simulator is much simplerthan a similar system in many computer games. Using several buttons, the user will be able to stabilize the rotation of the ship and orient it in space, heading towards a clearly defined target. The speeds in the simulator are small, therefore, a quick reaction is not required here, but perseverance and patience are required.

Simulator posted in open access, alreadyreceived praise from the head of NASA, who said he was able to dock with the station the first time. The NASA Commercial Crew Program, under which the Crew Dragon is flying, is designed to return the United States the status of a state performing manned flights. In addition, the economic component is also important: now NASA pays $ 80 million for the delivery of an astronaut to the ISS by Soyuz spacecraft. Shipping ships of the Ilona Mask company will cost NASA 4 times cheaper and amount to only $ 20 million.

Source / Simulator: iss-sim.spacex