Launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold in China and the USA is delayed (6 photos + 3 videos)

According to information from several sourcesThe launch of the Galaxy Fold folding smartphone in China, planned by Samsung, a South Korean company, is postponed indefinitely. Later, news agencies reported that in the United States the official start of sales of the gadget was postponed by almost a month (from April 26 to the end of May). In Russia, the novelty was originally planned to sell from the second half of May.

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The Chinese market due to its size ispriority for Samsung. Therefore, it was in China (in Hong Kong and Shanghai) that special events were scheduled for April 23 and 24 to commence sales. However, the company canceled scheduled events. The date on which the Galaxy Fold release was postponed has not yet been reported either by official or insider sources.

The most likely cause of the official transferthe start of sales of Galaxy Fold is the information about the frequent breakdown of the folding smartphone screen during the first 48 hours of operation that appeared last week. Test tests were conducted by journalists and bloggers.

After the appearance of such information Samsungpromptly responded and promised to deal with the causes of breakdowns and immediately report the results to the community. It was also officially announced that the protective film is a structural part of the folding screen and its removal is prohibited by operating conditions. The declared market value of the smartphone is 1980 dollars. In Russia, the price of a folding smartphone with a flexible display is 150 thousand rubles. Delivery in the Russian Federation will be limited to limited deliveries, the composition of which will not exceed several thousand pieces.