Laser projector could replace smartphones in the future

According to engineers from leading technologycorporations Google, Apple or Meta, current smartphones can be replaced by devices that use augmented reality, such as smart glasses. However, a little-known startup Humane, founded by former Apple employees, offers an alternative solution based on a wearable Android camera that uses laser technology to project an image onto any surface, including the palm of your hand.

In the description of the proprietary patent "Wearablemultimedia device and cloud computing platform with a laser projection system” presents the principle of operation of a new device that does not have its own display. Any surface can serve as a screen for a new gadget. The user will be able to project a keyboard or other controls onto the palm.

In addition to laser projection, this "body-worndevice” is equipped with a camera (180° field of view with optical image stabilization is given as an example), a 3D camera and a depth sensor (LiDAR or Time of Flight), which are used to recognize “air gestures” made by the hand and allow you to identify objects in the real world, as Google Lens does.

Currently, Humane startup has onlypatent and did not present real prototypes of devices without a screen. However, last year the company completed another $100 million round of funding involving Qualcomm Ventures LLC. Also, among all the vacancies offered by the company, there is not one intended for display engineers.

Source: 9to5google