Laser gun of Russian developers for rescue operations

The use of military developments for purelyengineers from the Russian Research Institute for Rescue and Underwater Technologies of the Navy demonstrated peaceful professions. The power of laser technology has been brought in for underwater rescue operations, for working with underwater transport pipelines and for other work in depth.

Russian Navy engineers createda compact device that uses laser energy to cut metal underwater. A unique device that looks like a gun is capable of cutting metals at a speed of 1 cm per second, up to 60 mm thick.

Diver-welder can cope on his ownwith responsible work at depth, and the simplicity of design makes the development of laser cutting intuitive and affordable. The main task of the new device will be to ensure operational work in emergency situations, during pipeline repairs and underwater operations. In the near future, a laser “gun” can be integrated with a robotic system.

Source: tvzvezda