Large, convenient, expensive reader-Wacom Onyx Boox Note Pro enters the Russian market

Onyx Boox fulfilled a promise made at the MWC-2019 in Barcelona. April has come - the top reader Onyx Boox Note Pro is officially introduced.

The device from the category of “super-duper”. There is nothing to compare him with. That is, it is very similar to the Onyx Boox Note + model, but has twice as much memory - both operational and built-in flash. This makes the reader unique - Onyx Boox Note Pro is equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM.

The device was built on a standard processor for this kind of devices with four 1.6 GHz cores. Onboard the operating system Android 6.0. There is support for Bluetooth and WiFi.

Onyx Boox Note Pro's pride and beauty is his 10.A 3-inch E-Ink Mobius Carta screen with a MOON Light + soft backlight that allows you to adjust the light temperature. It also has resistive, capacitive sensory layers, thanks to which it supports the control of both the fingers and the Wacom stylus. This allows you to use the reader as a drawing tablet.

Plastic back, front panel entirelycovered with protective glass and does not have a height difference on the border of the fields and the screen. The battery capacity of 4100 mAh is charged through a balanced port Type C.

The device is cool, but very expensive. In the Russian market is presented, the official price tag - 45990 rubles at the start of sales.

Key features of Onyx Boox Note Pro:

Screen Gradation, E-Ink, 10.3 ″, 1404 × 1872, 16 colors, touch, capacitive, backlight, EInk Mobius Carta, SNOW Field, MOON Light +, Wacom
Iron1.6 GHz
BatteryLi-Ion, 4100 mAh
Dimensions249.5 x 177.8 x 6.8 mm
Weight 325 g
OSAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow

Tatyana Kobelskaya