Laptop under Ubuntu worked faster than under Windows 10 (3 photos)

Using an open source systemoperating programs based on the Linux kernel, which are also distributed mainly under the free scheme, have gained great popularity among many users. Phoronix experts conducted an experiment in which the performance of the Ubuntu operating system was again compared with the traditional Windows 10 system. At the same time, a budget segment laptop was used as the base.

When testing system abilitiesPhoronix experimenters used a Walmart M141 laptop running on an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor with a Vega 3 GPU, three GB of RAM. A computer with a 14-inch screen costs only $ 199.
Phoronix analysts compared the operation of devices onwhich installed the operating systems Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. As a result, it turned out that Ubuntu is much faster than Windows.

After completing 63 test tasks, the founder andPhoronix’s editor-in-chief concluded that in 60% of cases, Ubuntu 20.04 ran faster than Windows 10. Using statistical methods for processing test results, the expert said that Microsoft products were 15% behind Ubuntu.

The experimenter noted that Ubuntu 20.04 showed the best result when working in the GIMP graphical editor, in the Python 3 environment, as well as better performance when tracing in Intel Trave Tracer. A laptop running Ubuntu also demonstrated better performance when rendering text in Java using the GraphicsMagick application.

Source: fudzilla