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Laptop Dell Latitude E5470 - Review of the device for businessmen with excellent quality


  • Laptop Dell Latitude E5470 – Reviews
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  • Dell's Latitude series of laptops has been used by businessmen for a long time, but now there are many competitors. Can the new Dell Latitude E5470 beat them?

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    Laptop Dell Latitude E5470 – Reviews

    It won't be easy given the sub-par 6th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, and $1241 price tag.

    Dell Latitude E5470 design

    Notebook Latitude E5470 does not differ in original design, matte black body, neatly arranged connectors and a typical shape. This is how a strict laptop designed for work should be.

    The hinges are metal, which looks stylish and guarantees the stability of the screen.

    Connectors and ports

    Most laptops lack connectors, both in general and separately. But the Dell Latitude E5470 has it all:

    • One USB port
    • ethernet,
    • Connector for AC power supply,
    • HDMI connector and microSD card slot,
    • There is even a port for older VGA video adapters.

    And that's just on the back.

    On the left is a ventilation grille, a USB port and a smart card slot. On the right is another USB connector, an SD card slot, a headphone port and a Kensington lock slot.

    The Latitude has more ports on the back than some devices, which means you don't have to worry about dongles or adapters.

    Keyboard and convenience

    Convenient TrackPoint on Dell Latitude E5470allows you not to be distracted from the keyboard when typing large amounts of text. It doesn't completely replace the touchpad, though it's accurate enough for small changes in cursor position. Just below the space bar are 3 buttons that are used to move the cursor.

    The keys have good travel and are quite durable.and don't seem too soft. You can turn on the LED backlighting, which is not as diverse as on the Razer Chroma, but allows you to quickly find the keys you need in the dark.

    Laptop screen

    A business laptop is designed to work withdocuments, spreadsheets or presentations without the need for a great screen. But, the display of the Latitude E5470 is surprisingly high quality. The IPS panel has wide viewing angles, and the contrast ratio at maximum brightness is 830:1. By comparison, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop has a contrast ratio of just 140:1.

    Compared to competitors, the Lenovo screenThe ThinkPad X260 has better contrast and deeper shadows, but the Latitude has better color reproduction. The colors are so accurate that the E5470 can be used for professional photo editing. The laptop covers 73% of the AdobeRGB spectrum, with the ThinkPad covering 53% and the Dell XPS 13 covering 76%.


    The Dell Latitude E5470 has a dual coresixth generation Intel Core i5-6300U processor with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. The XPS 13 with an Intel Core i7 outperforms it, but the Core i5 is enough for stable performance in everyday tasks.

    Based on Geekbench and HandBrake benchmark tests,The Latitude is between the weaker Lenovo ThinkPad and the XPS 13 in performance, and not far behind the competition. Although it struggles with dozens of tabs or multiple programs open at the same time due to the slow hard drive.

    Slow drive

    500 GB HDD is enough, but the speed leaves much to be desired. Solid state drive (SSD) e XPS is about ten times faster.

    The lag in the speed of the drive is felt in everyday use, moving files takes too long.


    The Latitude E5470 does not have a discrete graphics card,therefore, it is not well suited for games and other graphics-related tasks. The ThinkPad and XPS 13 have the same integrated Intel HD Graphics, so neither performed well in 3DMark tests.

    In acceptable quality, Latitude will launchonly the least demanding games. Hearthstone is playable, although the framerate will drop drastically on effects. This laptop is designed for business work, but the occasional game would be nice.


    The Dell Latitude E5470 fits easily into a bag and weighs only 1.76 kg, making it easy to carry around with you every day.

    The built-in 62 watt/hour battery is not hot-swappable, so if you're traveling for a long time, it's worth taking the included charger with you.

    Battery life is good, deviceLasted about 6.5 hours with constant use, or most of the day with moderate use. In the battery test, the Peacekeeper Latitude ran out in a little over 4.5 hours, the ThinkPad with quick-swappable battery in 4 hours and 50 minutes, and the XPS 13 took 6 minutes longer. In our tests, when playing video and macro in the browser, the Dell E5470 ran out of battery in 5-6 hours.

    Dell Latitude E5470 Software

    The pre-installed software is not superfluous, it does not takea lot of space. Several Dell branded applications may prompt you to register once or twice, but no more, there is no need to thoroughly clean the system.

    Windows 10 OS components are installed, Windows Store applications can be uninstalled without problems.


    The Dell Latitude E5470 is a business laptop withexcellent display and high build quality. It differs from other Dell products in increased reliability. Smartcard support, port variety, and a durable battery are all commendable, though there's one problem: the price. The Latitude costs $1,241, which means it competes with XPS from the same company.

    The 13-inch model in the Dell XPS line costs $800(45,800 rubles), 15-inch - starting at $ 900 (51,500). You can choose one of them for about the same money, while still getting premium features, stylish design and a seventh generation Intel Core processor.

    The case is plastic, durable, does not bend,therefore can withstand several years of daily carry in a bag. The hardware stays up-to-date for about a year, and then becomes outdated very quickly. A dual-core processor will handle tasks of medium complexity, but only if you do not run many programs at the same time. The hard drive is large, although it would be better to have a 2 times smaller solid state drive instead.

    The Latitude E5470 is made for a small category of users, so it can only be recommended to those who need a smart card slot and a TrackPoint for work.


    • High build quality
    • Excellent display
    • Useful Features
    • Many connectors


    • High price
    • Slow hard drive
    • Average performance

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