Laboratory mice can be tested when they want

As a rule, all new technologies thatsomehow affect the work of the brain, are tested on laboratory mice. Usually they are given a specific task that must be performed in a specially equipped cell for a long time. The process requires constant monitoring by researchers and is hardly pleasant for the mice, but the new laboratory cell Autonomouse is able to solve both problems. It is equipped with all necessary equipment for a comfortable life of mice and is automated, so it does not require constant monitoring from the side.

The novelty was developed by scientists from the Institute.Francis Crick in the UK. For a comfortable life of several laboratory animals at once, the cage is equipped with treadmills and devices for feeding water and food. How waste and dirt are removed is not known, but the developers claim that the system is able to provide a carefree life for mice for 18 months.

At the same time, researchers do not even need to forceperform their tasks. Mice have the right to decide for themselves when they want to do this - there are “training rooms” in the cage, at the entrance to which the door behind the mice automatically closes and prevents other individuals from interfering with the experiment. Each individual under the skin has an RFID chip that captures body weight, activity level, amount of water consumed and other indicators and transmits to a third-party device for processing.

The work, during which mice train at a time convenient for them without human intervention for long periods of time, makes our experiments better and more efficient.

Andreas Schaefer, Project Manager

It is assumed that soon Aut Autouseouse cell will be used in many institutions.

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