Kodak has released a scanner for film photographic paperboard (5 photos)

Digital photography is actively developing. However, the classic film has a lot of fans. In Kodak decided to simplify the process of scanning manifested images. The company offered an affordable smartphone-compatible cardboard scanner.

Negative offer to mount in a special holder,designed for 35 mm color or black and white film. LED backlight is mounted on the case below. A smartphone is placed on top of the scanner so that the main camera looks down. Kodak has created a special free Android and iOS application that allows you to customize the scan.

No need for special mobile film scannerequipment, no complicated procedure for converting negatives. Only a smartphone is required. The technology, according to the authors, is effective and simple. From cardboard going platform. Next, the lights are connected and the film is installed.

Work takes place in the KODAK Mobile Film app.Scanner. It will help to correct the images: impose filters, text, crop and so on. And then you can share the results in any social network. A scanner costs 40 dollars. If you register on the manufacturer's official website, the buyer will be given an additional discount of 10%. Sale of the scanner starts in the coming months.