Klement - Skoda bike without pedals (4 photos + video)

Alternative vehicles inmodern cities overloaded with transport are becoming increasingly important. Skoda developers presented a conceptual model of a fundamentally new type of transport, which is a cross between a bicycle and a scooter. The Klement has received an unusual control system and does not have pedals traditional for bicycles.

In the vehicle control circuitThere are two running boards for electric traction, which, when tilted forward, increase the speed of movement. There are no traditional brakes on the steering wheel, and LED sensors and a special mount for the smartphone are installed, from which information about the battery charge and speed can be obtained through the application.

The heart of the Klement vehicle is5.4 hp electric motor The maximum speed is 45 45 km / h. Replaceable lithium-ion batteries (2 pcs. Each with a capacity of 1.25 kWh) will provide a travel radius of up to 62 km. The mass of the Klement electric bike is about 25 kg.
The original control system will requirelearning and getting used to, but its compact size, high speed and radius of the trip, as well as virtually no physical load on the user makes such a vehicle as Klement, ideal for modern cities.