Kalashnikov introduced a new electric car. Is this really the future of Russian taxi?

In 2018, on the eve of the World Cupin Russia, the Kalashnikov concern presented Moscow police with three-wheeled vehicles called Izh Ovum. They, along with electric motorbikes, were used by police to patrol the streets until the end of the championship in mid-July. It turned out that after this the project was not abandoned and the engineers began to improve service vehicles. Ultimately, the concern turned out to be an electric car Izh UV-4. How is it better than its predecessor and for what purposes will it be used?

First, it’s worth talking about tricyclesOvum cars that were used last year. Since they were intended for law enforcement officers, their bodywork was painted white and blue, just like police cars. Two driving wheels were located in front, and the third was in the back. Since it was only planned to patrol the streets with these cars, they were equipped with a weak engine with a capacity of 20 horsepower and could accelerate only to 30 kilometers per hour. One battery charge was enough to overcome 150 kilometers.

Electric taxi from Kalashnikov

The new version of electric cars waspresented at the seventh International Eurasian Taxi Forum (IEFT). Externally, the new IZh UV-4 differ from their predecessors in only three features. Firstly, cars are equipped with four wheels. Secondly, they have a more robust body length of 3.4 and a width of 1.5 meters. Thirdly, instead of a white and blue “police” color, the creators painted the car in black and yellow - apparently to create an association with taxi service cars.

Electric car Izh Ovum

Cars are not much different in appearance, but inIn terms of characteristics, the new Izh UV-4 has become noticeably better. Electric motor power increased from a negligible 20 to a decent 68 horsepower. Thanks to this improvement, the car can accelerate to 80 kilometers per hour. Representatives of the concern do not report how much increased battery capacity, but the duration of driving on a single charge is still 150 kilometers. Most likely, an additional charge is used to power the air conditioner and other electronics.

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Among other improvements, a newbrake system and transmission, which transmits engine rotation to the wheels. The most important feature of the new IZH UV-4 is its low fire hazard in accidents.

Taxi of the future - coming soon?

According to representatives of the Kalashnikov concern,big companies will be interested in a new car. Inside small and safe electric cars, their employees can move from one company building to another. It may also be that the car will become part of some kind of car sharing, that is, it will be rented out.

Kalashnikov is also creating a competitor to Tesla

On ordinary roads, Izh UV-4 is unlikelywill appear. You can be sure of this at least because its capacity may not be enough to move along the busy streets of big cities. However, the Kalashnikov concern is developing another car for city driving, which is positioned as a competitor to the Tesla Model 3 and other American electric cars.

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