Kaabo presented the flagship off-road electric scooter Wolf King with a maximum speed of 100 km / h (2 photos + video)

The Chinese company Kaabo updates the lineelectric scooters and launches the flagship device Wolf King, which allows the owner to reach a record speed of 100 km / h. To achieve such a phenomenal speed for scooters, Kaabo engineers were able to install two 1.5 kW electric motors in Wolf King for each wheel. The total power of Wolf King engines is thus 3 kW or 4 horsepower, which makes it possible to reach a speed of 80 km / h in just 5 seconds.

The base for the Wolf King body is the frame,Constructed from heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum. There are dual rear hydraulic shock absorbers and the 11-inch wheels are fitted with wide tubeless tires. The estimated range of autonomous travel on a single charge of a 28 Ah / 72 V battery (from LG or Samsung) is about 80 km.

Safe movement in the darkprovided by a lighting system consisting of a double headlight, a taillight and an effective illumination of the platform of the Wolf King scooter. Charging the battery will take no more than five hours.

The scooter condition can be monitored withby means of information received from the EY3 Minimotors display built into the steering column. To save battery power, the user will be able to switch to single engine operation, and when the owner needs high power, quickly switch to dual engine operation. There is also a "Turbo" mode providing increased power.

The payload capacity of the Wolf King is181.4 kg (400 lb), and the weight of the device itself is 46.5 kg. Also, the scooter body gets IPX4 splash protection. When folded, the Wolf King measures 149 x 27.9 x 48 cm (LxWxH), and when unfolded, it measures 124.9 x 62.4 x 124.9 cm. The price of the Wolf King as standard is $ 2,999.

Source: kaabo