JUNECUBE - Rubik's Cube, which will teach itself how to assemble

JUNECUBE - Rubik's cube, but not simple, but smart. He is not only a popular puzzle for many years, but also an assistant who will teach you how to solve it. “All ages are submissive to him,” but he focuses primarily on children. Classes with him contribute to the development of quick thinking, attention; train memory.

New records made of transparentacrylic, and their color is programmed in such a way that you can start from the base of the selected complexity. Under the plates - a hint in the form of backlight with adjustable brightness. By the degree of brightness, you can determine which details and in what order you need to rotate. A child without words and text instructions can understand the principle of assembly, so that after learning to solve the puzzle on their own, without prompts.

JUNECUBE has a proprietary application, with itsusing it you can set a timer, monitor statistics, play mini-games, and the built-in processor calculates solutions and thanks to this, the tips work even without synchronization with a smartphone.

Charging the built-in battery with a capacity of 400mAh provides 10 hours of play without interruption, and a recharge time of up to 100% is only 1 hour. The size of JUNECUBE does not differ from the usual Rubik's cube, but its weight is 180 grams.

The cost of JUNECUBE is $ 49 (≈3,200 rubles). An order can be placed through Kickstarter.

Source / buy: kickstarter