Journey of the neural network to the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

Would you like to feel like Alice through the Looking Glass or a traveler to the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors? There is such a possibility. True, thanks only to the neural network.

The fact is that neurons are literally everywhere now - they draw portraits, help with solving problems, develop and, in general, live almost their own lives.

So the NVIDIA neural network turned out to be a surprise. She turns the pictures into 3D images, but, it turns out, does not understand that there is a mirror in front of her, so she creates another space inside it.

The neural network is called Instant NeRF, and the effect itselfnoticed one of the testers, the developer Yug Bruyer. He chose 134 pictures, which made this discovery obvious. In the end, even the space inside the mirror looks quite realistic.

By the way, the neural network itself was dubbed the “Polaroid of the future” and is planned to be used in game development. And the fact that there will be another hidden dimension is more of a feature than a bug.