Jim Beam presented a "smart" decanter, pouring you a whiskey

Modern technology "smart home" canoffer a lot of very interesting gadgets, but sometimes there are not only useful inventions, but also extremely funny ones among them. For example, employees of the American whiskey manufacturer from the company Jim Beam presented a “smart” decanter that is able to pour you whiskey on demand, as well as not to make a company and chat.

"Smart" capacity for alcoholic beveragesreacts to the voice order of a person. Hearing the right phrase, the decanter immediately adds a drink to your glass. In addition, the bottle can lead a dialogue and answer various questions on the subject of alcohol, as well as give advice and tell interesting facts. But that's not all, the “smart” gadget can talk to the user about the weather, but in the end the conversation will be reduced to the fact that today the weather is great for a drink. And, interestingly, the great-grandson of the company's founder, Jim Beam, master of alcoholic drinks, Mr. Fred Nou, gave his voice to the bottle.

Fans of modern technology have already boughtall available "smart" decanters, which cost is 34.99 US dollars. At the same time, some owners of the gadget note that the set of phrases of the smart decanter is limited and after some time the “interlocutor” will cease to have a dialogue, but the main feature of the refilling of the drink, fortunately, continues to function.

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