Jetpack Aviation invited to the world's first jetpack races (4 photos + video)

Waiting for the time when the jet packs will come outbeyond science fiction and rush into real life, Jetpack Aviation has announced its readiness to move into the exciting world of jetpacks. And, to prove their concept, the developers recently performed a couple of test flights in which two pilots in jetpacks flew in close proximity to each other.

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During the flight, experts checked how close“pilots” can fly up to each other, as a result, they could even join hands. The tests went smoothly, and now Jetpack Aviation invites future teams and promoters to participate in Jetpack races. For this, teams will need funding or sponsorship to buy or rent a few jetpacks, while JPA will provide the necessary training and maintenance. Also, according to the leaders of Jetpack Aviation, the emergence of competitive competitions will encourage the developers of other jetpacks to improve their products, which will serve as a powerful impetus for the development of the industry as a whole.

During the test flights, the pilots were able to play withthe ball means, in the future, it will be possible to create new sports, for example, to implement the Quidditch idea from the Harry Potter book series. However, while the audience of such events will have to stock up on high-quality ear plugs, since the roar of turbine jetpacks is comparable to the sounds of fighters flying by. The organizers of the competition themselves will need to take care of the safety of the public in case something goes wrong and the driver in a heavy jetpack at all speed falls into the crowded area.