Jetpack Aviation began taking orders for the Hoveerbike Speeder (8 pics + 2 videos)

Jetpack Aviation is better known for itsjetpacks. Recently, however, she began to take orders for a flying motorcycle Jetpack Speeder. In accordance with the information published on the manufacturer’s website, there are plans to develop 4 versions of a hoverbike: cargo, military, ultra-light, and for active recreation. Differences between them will be at the maximum speed and duration of the flight.

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Jetpack Speeder impresses with the devicefrom the famous Star Wars movie saga. According to the developers, in the "brainchild" they invested all the experience in the field of aviation and jet engines. The device can lift into the air up to 115 kilograms and accelerate to 240 kilometers per hour. It allows you to stay at an altitude of 5 kilometers for 22 minutes. However, at the maximum height the pilot will be forced to provide himself with oxygen.

The first batch will consist of 20 devices, allthey are designed primarily for entertainment. In time, military and commercial versions will also be available. Versions, first of all, differ in power. Special motorcycles have 5 turbojet engines, civilian - 4.

You can order a novelty for 10 thousand dollars. Upon receipt of the order will need to pay 370 thousand dollars. Jetpack Aviation promised to include equipment in this price. Customers can save on a suit and helmet. Those who can not afford a motorcycle, the manufacturer offered jetpacks. They cost 295 thousand dollars. They can be purchased now.